Top 10 Stunning Black Handles

10 Stunning black Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Let’s recap on the forever continuous inspiring popular Matt Black Kitchen Cabinet Handles. The look of Matte Black has been proven to be a preferred choice for homemakers, architects, designers and builders. It’s a look that is popular within most standard homes and yet currently it’s still having a massive impact on the modern century style of today’s living.

The ‘Matte Black’ has taken enthusiastically hold of today’s look from the bathroom accessories, lighting, furniture details and now household hardware. But Matt Black handles have now been proudly introduced to kitchens and bathrooms which has been the exceptional talk!

With the upmost prominent level of finishes that is consistent throughout a home, Matt Black hardware supports and never ceases to create a massive impact within your home.

It’s a wonderful way to showcase the ‘Wowness’ factor it has to your visitors.

Taking in the consideration of the unnecessary expense, the use of cabinet handles and knobs can bring that considerable influence of a look throughout the interior. Here are some of our still today most popular and some of our new delighted introductions that you cannot miss to see!!

NUMBER 1 – C159 Nambour Black Handle

Black Traditional Cabinet Handle (C159-BL-Nambour)

C159 – Nambour Black Handle
Sleek Traditional Style Handle
Sizes: 96mm, 128mm, 160mm & 192mm
Matching K102 – Nambour Knob

One of our top favourites, this beauty has stood the times with its sleek traditional look, popular for the Hamptons and Coastal style. With a simple ornate design, the ridges it has gives that perfect look without being to over the top. This handle has a fabulous defined grip, it also has fantastic characteristics to feature perfect for shaker and profiled doors. Comes with a beautiful matching knob to complete

Number 2 – C165 – Modern Pull Cup

White, Black, Satin Nickel OR Chrome Squarish Cup Pull (C165-Cup Pull)

C165- Modern Cup Pull
Squarish Cup Pull

As for a cup pull you can never go wrong! These cups pull handles are a great option for creating a low profile look for kitchen pull drawers. With its modern sleekness squarish shape these Cup Pulls have the centre to centre screw holes at 96mm but the overall size of 160mm length. Great to update old hardware if you are wanting to have a longer length within a cup pull without predrilling extra holes.

Number 3 – C170 – Bothwell Black Cabinet Handle

Black Wide Feet D Handle Cabinet Handle (C170-BL Bothwell)

C 170 – Bothwell Black Cabinet Handle
Wide Feet D Handle comes in sizes 96mm, 128mm or 256mm

This new addition has unusual wide feet D shape is a little bit different that makes a statement without being to over exaggerated. This handle is great to be used in a contemporary, industrial, transitional or art deco style. But never to say it could be used in other styles too!

Number 4 – C139 – Aspley Black Cabinet Handle

Antique Copper Stylish Tapered Bar Handle Cabinet Handle (C139 Aspley Handle)

C139- Aspley Black Cabinet Handle
Stylish Taper Bar Handle comes in sizes 96mm, 128mm and 160mm
Has a matching K74- Aspley Black Knob

This new stylish tapered bar handle has a simple decorative design with the element of charm. Great for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries that need that extra substance.

Number 5 – C169 – Wadeville Black Cabinet Handle

Black Tapered Bow Handle Cabinet Handle (C169-BL Wadeville)

C169 – Wadeville Black Cabinet Handle
Stylish Tapered Bow Handle comes in 96, 128 and 160mm 
Matching K 107 – Wadeville Knob

Our wonderful new comer is set to shine with the uncomplicated stylish tapered bow design. The element of appeal with its smoothness and charm, using ‘Matte Black’ is a fantastic way to make a bold, elegant and sophisticated statement within a space.

Number 6 – C148 – Traditional Cup Pull Black

Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Silver, Matt Antique Bronze, Polished Satin Nickel and Cooper Cup Pull Cabinet Handle C149 Traditional Cup Pull)
Available Matt Antique Silver, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Bronze, Copper, Black or Polished Nickel

C149- Traditional Cup Pull Black
Popular Traditional Cup Pull

This popular traditional cup pull has characteristics of a straightforward design that is perfect for a classical or traditional look. Very elegant and stylish design for the Hamptons/Coastal or Colonial style. Great piece of jewellery for any furniture or cabinetry.

Number 7 – C166 – Wide Bay Cabinet Handles

Matt Black Wide Square Handle Cabinet Handle (C166 Wide Bay)

C166 – Wide Bay Cabinet Handles Matt Black Handles
Wide Square Cabinet Handle
Comes in sizes 96, 128, 160, 192, 224, 288, 352, 480 and 544mm sizes
Available in Matt Black

This stylish thick square rectangular contemporary cabinet handle will highlight any cabinetry and fixtures of the same form. A great handle to feature as a star to complete the modern look. Being at a very high quality stainless steel, this handle is protected with a powder coated giving it extra durability.

Number 8 – C70 – Narangba Black Cabinet Handles

Gunmetal Grey Square with Rounded Edges Handle Cabinet Handle (C70 Narangba Handles)

C70- Narangba Black Cabinet Handles
Slimline Square/rectangle Kitchen Cabinet Handles with smooth cornered edges.
Comes in 96/128mm, 160mm 192mm & 320mm
Has matching K31- Devonport Knob

The sleekness and slimline appearance of this modern handle is a terrific addition to feature and compliment any contemporary look. With the smooth rounded corner edges has a comfortable grip.

Number 9 – C137 – Caloundra Cabinet Black Handles

Matt Black Lip Pull Handle Cabinet Handle (C137 Caloundra)

C137- Caloundra Cabinet Black Handles

A fantastic handle that fits on top of the door or drawer to give a minimalist look.
A handle that is perfect for a clean and streamline look keeping it modern and practical. As the handle slightly overhangs out giving it an innovative simple edge pull that is easy to grasp with your fingertips. Being at a very high quality stainless steel, this handle is protected with a powder coated giving it extra durability.

Number 10 – Queanbeyan Black Backplate Handle

C168 – Queanbeyan Black Backplate Handle
Traditional D Handle with Backplate

This new arrival has showed some greatness to beginning to win favours of its traditional D shape handle with a collectively back plate to match. As this handle has gained interest for its slight decorative design, perfect for a Victorian, Federal, classic vintage or steampunk style. Perfect little features to finish your master piece.

By replacing the simplest of door hardware it’s the most cost-effective way to spruce up, bring excitement and creativity within a space. By the simplest of features, it can display the characteristics of much more of a theme within your home, it can set the set the moods and a tone within a room.
The black finish can really help emphasis other design elements in your room such as light fittings, cabinetry, tapware and windows. Also, Matte Black is not restricted colour to compliment other interior materials, it can be beautifully paired with materials such as timbers, copper, marble, brass or stainless steel… Matte Black is timeless.

Some of our other great products in Matt Black

A fabulous architecture statement piece that is one of our New arrival that is becoming a popular lever to suit the modern century style. With its squareness design element, it is set above the rest for that modern look. Bringing a sophisticated and sleekness presence it is great lever to suit other fixtures of the same design in the home. Comes in Passage Set, Privacy Set, Dummy Lever and Keyed Lever. Perfect for use throughout your home.

Matt Black Square Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E35 BL New Mercury)
E35- New Mercury Matt Black Entrance Pull Handles A (back to back)

A modern straight rectangular bar pull handles a classy way
to showcase the entrance to your world.
Click here to see other sizes.

“So why not try setting yourself out from the rest by installing black kitchen cabinet handles today?”

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