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When it comes to picking your hardware, whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or bedroom, choosing the right style and finish that is up to date can be difficult. But don’t stress! Here at handle house, we have put together all the trendiest hardware that will make your space shine.

We are only three months into 2022 and already we have had a good indication of what handles are taking or going to take over the design industry. So, let’s dive right in!

Kitchen by Cabinet Collective featuring our C204 – Willawong Cabinet Handle in Satin Black

trending styles

It’s hard keeping up with what styles are trending, but we have a pretty good idea of what’s here to stay.

MINIMALISTIC – It seems for a few years now the minimalistic style has been the look people go for. It’s a popular design with an emphasis on simplicity and uncluttered. Everyone knows the term less is more and this style certainly does just that.

CONTEMPORARY – contemporary is also another style that is very ‘now’ and bold. The style plays around with texture, colours, and clean lines. It has a focus on architectural elements creating a space filled with warmth and sophistication. Our C137 is a mix between simplicity and clean lines reflecting the contemporary style into whatever space.

TRADITIONAL – A lot of people are more inclined to lean towards the traditional style as it gives character and unique touch to the space. Traditional style handles tend to have more of a design and pattern compared to modern handles hence why cup pulls are the most chosen handle for this style.

Photo 1 by The Pear Tree Drive / Photo 2 by Cabinet Collective


Satin nickel, black, chrome, white, brass, timber, stainless steel! There are so many finishes to choose from, here are our top 4 finishes trending this year!

BLACK – The black finish has undoubtedly been a popular choice and for good reason. If you’re after an elegant, contemporary handle with a hint of modern influence then this finish is what you want. Black handles have become a common option for light coloured cabinets, becoming the favourite pick for designers.

L23 – South East Knurled Lever in black / C204 – Willawong Cabinet Handle satin black / K128 – Mona Vale Knob in black

WHITE – White cabinet handles have entered the design world with a pop, and I don’t think they are going anywhere. The timeless finish alone creates a sense of space while being refreshing to the eye. We’ve seen contemporary, modern styled kitchens remain one of the most popular trends and style that a lot of people go for, and white handles are perfect for achieving just that! It’s something about the simplicity and fresh look of white handles that we love.

C137- Caloundra Cabinet Handles in metal matt white / T55- Column Magnetic Doorstop- white / C208 – Whitehorse Cabinet Handle in metal matt white

BRASS / SATIN GOLD Unlike a lot of other finishes, brass adds a nice touch of warmth to your space. It looks beautiful against white, black, and earthy tones. Choose between the different brass finishes such as satin or polished to suit your room.

L18 – Woolwich Levers in satin gold / C199 – Apolla Bay Cabinet Handle in stain gold / K125 – Half Moon Knob in brass

TIMBER – Timber handles are making their debut, and we aren’t mad about it! Who wouldn’t want to add natural warmth into their homes? Each handle is unique in its own way and has subtle hints of texture and pattern that are sure to liven up any plain surface. We offer two different types of timber; white oak which is lighter, and secondly, a rich walnut finish which as suggested by the name is a darker wood.

C220-Peregian Timber Cabinet Handles / K152 – Full Circle Timber Knob / C222- Oatley D Pull Timber Cabinet Handles


Alright, let’s talk barn doors!

BARN DOOR HARDWARE –They aren’t just a thing of the past anymore. Although a traditional door is simple and a safe option when designing a room, a barn door just adds a unique twist and aesthetical appeal to any room! Having a barn door in your space instantly elevates the room from basic to fun! They are completely customisable to fit any size and style of room from the classic farmhouse to contemporary. At handle house, we offer a range of finishes that will suit your space.

Photo by Buildmast Constructions

Explore our Handle House collection to discover the right door hardware for you. Bring on 2022 home projects!

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