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5 Points to Consider When Choosing the Right Handles for Your Cabinets

Article Written by Nadine

Handles Big on Style and Functionality

Our range provides modern, contemporary, traditional or something out of the ordinary. Exclusive materials and finishes that really determines the mood and style to furnish your room.

There is 5 points when to consider while choosing your handles.

 1.      QUALITY

The quality is important when choosing a handle, as they come in all types of durable materials. Be sure to choose the right product for your need with quality and design in mind. You want your handles to feel comfortable, look stylish and be user friendly.


You should test out your handles by placing one handle on your cabinet handle and see how they feel but talking to a Handle House staff member they can give you the right advice on each handle you like with out even touching a handle.

Importantly in area such as the kitchen, be sure to think about the practically with repeated use of opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers. When deciding on a handle make sure to choose the right grip and size for you especially in a kitchen.

3.      STYLE

You may need to think about what overall style and feel you would like to achieve in your kitchen. There are plenty of styles to choose from but upholding a style of either modern/contemporary, antique/traditional or transitional will have a big effect on the impression of the style you are trying to achieve. Make sure you choose the right handle that will compliment your style and again Handle House staff can help you there also.

Modern & Contemporary – A modern and Contemporary look can share the same sleekness, streamlined simplicity and design you are looking for. Using these handles on cabinets doors and drawers can have a minimalist style that invoke a very sleek, appealing and attractive look.  Consider handles with a slim rectangular bar or handles that have softly curved barrels with clean lines. Black handles can also give you that sleek look.

(Click link for more other Modern/Contemporary styles)

Brushed Stainless Steel Oval Bar Handle Cabinet Handle (C12 SS City Oval)Brushed Stainless Steel Square Bow Cabinet Handle (C2 Sydney Bow) compressed

C12 City Oval Handles
C12 City Oval Handles


Antique & Traditional – For decorative mouldings and ornaments choose a traditional look handle with timeless old-style appeal perfect for any traditional-style cabinets with profiled doors (See picture above). Add complimentary matching knob to use on your cabinets bringing your old-world kitchen to life!

Two Toned Ivory and Gold Elegant Bow Handle Cabinet Handle (C26 Paris Ivory)

C149 SN Traditional Cup Pull

Transitional – Transitional is that somewhere in-between of being traditional and modern/contemporary.

Choose handles that are in similar style and a finish to your appliance handles.  Another option is to choose handles are very sleek with fresh modern lines. Kitchens with more traditional elements (of cabinets with mouldings etc.), this is where contemporary handles that have curved shapes offer more softer appeal to make it a homely feel.

4.      THE FINISH

The finish to a handle is as much as important as your style. Different finishes give different attitudes to the overall look of a kitchen. There a huge variety of finishes from stainless steel, brass, pewter, black handles to traditional handles. Keep in mind the feature elements of your kitchen design when choosing the finish (and style) of your handles. For a sophisticated look on light coloured cabinets such as black handles are ideal.

When deciding finishes consider all the other elements in the kitchen. From the tapware consider polished chrome handles to suit both contemporary and stylish. Appliances like your sink, handles to suit best e.g. stainless-steel either a brushed or polished providing a very smooth modern appearance.

5.      SIZE

Personalise your taste of size handles to suit your kitchen. You can create a range of mix lengths in your kitchen depending on your cabinets and drawers. Utilise the same handle throughout to create a less busy but more consistent look in the kitchen. Remember that we are here to help, so any thing regarding size we are just a phone call away and we can work out the range of sizes for you.

Choose handles and knobs that suits your kitchen best! 

Don’t be afraid to buy samples…come in see us at one of our showrooms!

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  1. if i send a photo of our kitchen could your team recommend a handle. this is holding up our kitchen guy from finishing, do my husband’s head in and even i am frustrated with wide choice. would appreciate your help please.

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