As Mother’s Day approaches…

As Mother’s Day approaches…

‘Do you need a Gift from the heart?!’

Why not celebrate Her with a family tree to carry memories and love from, we are sure she will bound to love it!

For all Mothers who differ from tastes of Décor, practicality and sentimental values, one thing is sure we have a tree to suit all!

All our beautiful Silver Trees are Handmade and hand polished from 100% recycled aluminium. Each tree has its own distinct characteristics to stand out in any home or office. Have a Tree to represent the love you want to give to your mum this year!

Choose from our Grand Décor Design T70- Silver Tree of Life, its decorative appeal of Urban nature with a design to suits all styles and themes. A great ornament to represent the ‘LOVE OF THE FAMILY TREE!’ Comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Great for any space in the home!

  T70 – Silver Tree of Life

T69- Silver Love Birds Tree, a cute and practical piece to hold your jewellery or your precious things. It has a base to hold things like earrings or rings. The Tree Branches to hold bangles or bracelets. Small, quaint but useful.

Polished Aluminium Silver Lovebirds Tree Décor (T69 Silver Lovebirds Tree) adj T69- Silver Love Birds Tree

T67- Silver Humble Tree is an attractive feature to have in your home or work. It can be used as a jewellery stand or simply a decoration to display.

Polished Aluminium Silver Humble Tree Décor (T67 Silver Humble Tree) adjT67- Silver Humble Tree

T66- Silver Modern Tree is a funky rustic piece to display as a design feature or to be practical to hold your jewellery.

Polished Aluminium Silver Modern Tree Décor (T66 Silver Modern Tree) adjT66- Silver Modern Tree

T65- Silver Autumn Tree a delightful Autumn Tree with clustered branches to showcase a lovely decorative piece to stand out in your home or use as a jewellery stand to hang earrings on.

Polished Aluminium Silver Autumn Tree Décor (T65 Silver Autumn Tree) adjT65- Silver Autumn Tree

T64- Silver Garden Tree has beautiful, clustered branches for a fabulous designed masterpiece to showcase in your home or work.

Polished Aluminium Silver Garden Tree Décor (T64 Silver Garden Tree) adjT64- Silver Garden Tree

T63- Silver Happy Tree a Tree that says it all…Happy! Sure, to bring a smile and delight into any home or office.

Polished Aluminium Silver Happy Tree Décor (T63 Silver Happy Tree) adjT63- Silver Happy Tree
And all of these wonderful Trees are at a Fantastic 50% OFF!!

For prices or more information on these wonderful products, contact one of our team members here at Handle House. We are happy to answer your questions.

**Click here for all measurements and dimensions on all of our trees**

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