Being Environmentally Conscious

Article Written By Nadine

Being Environmentally Conscious

Here at Handle House and Things we try to do our best to help minimise the carbon footprint to our wonderful Mother Earth.  We know how important it is for recycling and products to be sustainable but safe for the Environment.  We try to use products for the use of our packaging for our Handles, Levers, knobs and other items to be either biodegradable or recyclable.  Ideally trying to minimise the use of plastics in order to sustain an environmental friendly work ethic practice using cupboard or paper that is recyclable.


We know how important it is in today’s world to do your part to help one another, including the wildlife.  We would like our next generation to be a clean world where the carbon foot print is less than today’s.  While we try to be in a Greener workplace it means we are creating an ecological footprint, more productive and healthier place to work in.  Using green materials such as recycled paper and recycled materials which don’t compromise the delivery of our products to you, is a nicer way to say, ‘Thank You’ to you and the Earth.

By reducing our environmental footprint, we see that environmentally friendly packaging is an immediate opportunity to send with today’s society while not affecting the safety of the delivery of our products to you. Using resource-saving materials by using reclaimed packaging items that enable better production and more effective processing that can cut down on waste.


We are always trying to improve our use of packaging materials for more convenient and optimising packaging without compromising the protection of transporting our products to your door.

Let’s all try our best to be a bit more Environmentally Conscious.

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