Farmhouse Look


Article Written by Nadine

The Scene: Waking up to a cool brisk air, birds chirping and the feel of comfort.  Warm cup of coffee in hand a big breath in, ‘Mmm…life’s good.’

Stepping in your dream country home, wooden charm balances perfectly within your home, subtle palette of colour on the walls throughout, fresh linen drapes over the lounge with a soft touch and a kitchen bringing delight and warmth, ‘the heart of home’ has a wonderful use of charm but one thing gleams and helps ties in the Country feel throughout your home…. is our C148 and K81

Black and White Cracked OR Antique Silver and White Cracked OR Antique Gold and White Cracked Decorative Cabinet Handle (C148 Country Style)White Cracked Oval OR Round Ceramic Knob Cabinet Knob (K81 Country Style)



So, for anyone that is wanting that perfect Cottage/Country feel pieces, here are some of our enticing little charming pieces to help tie in to get that overall look.

  C154- Essendon Cabinet Handles                                                       C141- Armidale Handle & K76- Armidale Knob

Matt Black Decorative Twisted Leaf Handle Cabinet Handle (C154 Essendon)                           Antique Copper Decorative Curved Handle Cabinet Handle (C141 Armidale)





C134- Weston Cabinet Handles                                                                        K66- Weston Knobs

Black and White Antique Bar Two Toned Handle Cabinet Handle (C134 Weston)                         White and Black, White and Chrome or White and Antique Gold Round Knob with White insert Cabinet Knob (K66 Weston Knob) (600 x 400)



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