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Fashion undergoes changes on an almost daily basis but what remains the same is elegance and class. Certain looks are often referred to as being “Classic” Audrey Hepburn, for instance, will always be Holly Go lightly having her Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Women the world over, have a LBD – Little Black Dress that is timeless as well as functional and never goes out of fashion and can be accessorized to suit her ever changing needs.

At Handle House we have a range of Black handles, Cup pulls and Knobs that are timeless, while standing the test of time. Our Black handles have a quiet elegance that lends itself to classics style choices such as the Hampton and French Provincial styling while also blending perfectly into more modern stylings just as comfortably as it lends itself to Vintage and Eclectic designs. Like a pair of black pumps, Black handles will carry you comfortably through many years and many styles while always remaining elegant and feeling comfortable.

There is a significant swing towards Black handles in the Kitchen and throughout the entire home. Black handles are becoming more and more a feature item that is the final touches on your  beautiful Kitchen. Families spend a lot of their time at home in the kitchen. It is where stories are both made and told. It becomes the back drop for happy memories long after the moment has passed but will remain timeless if you make the right choices in the beginning.

That same elegance and class should flow through to your home, from the entrance all the way through to the laundry. At Handles House we have Black handles that accommodate every need for every room in your home. By sticking to the classics you can go through the years to come with the perfect foundation for timeless elegance.

Matt Black K3 St George

Matt Black K3 St George

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