Brass Hardware – NEW Handles & Knobs

Brass Hardware – NEW Handles & Knobs

Brass it Up!

Our newest littlest of Satin Brass additions have been kicking up a storm! There is no wonder with today’s popularity, Brass hardware has now been on the increase. Brass fixtures, like handles and knobs, are been used a lot more today in modern Hamptons, French Provincial and Industrial style homes. Brass gives an exciting new edge of colour and appeal.

Nothing beats Brass highlighting nicely to light coloured shaker doors and drawers to give a clean stunning look.

C188 – Bellevue Cabinet Handles

Come take a look at what’s NEW at Handle House!

K125 – Half Moon Knob

A strikingly modern designer knob for a great design element to your doors or drawers. Use our High Quality Satin Brass Half Moon knobs to create that ‘Wow’ factor!

K126 – Apolla Bay Knob

A Satin Brass T-shaped bar Knob. Perfect to use for traditional or contemporary designs as it can complement many styles and décor.

K127 – Beachworth Knob

An elegant tapered cylinder Satin Brass knob with a flat top. Great to use for a modern traditional design to drawers, doors, and furniture.

K128 – Mona Vale Knob

A round button flat topped Satin Brass Knob.  Perfect to use for traditional or contemporary designs as it can complement any décor.

K129 – Doonan Knob

These Solid Satin Brass modern Thumb Pull Knobs have a thumb indentation for a good grip. Great to use on all cabinetry and styles.

K130 – Ashgrove Knob

A Satin Brass Hexagonal shaped knob, great to use on cupboards and drawers. A great designer knob, made of solid brass.

C197 – Botany Cabinet Handles

Solid Satin Brass Bar finger grip handle. Great to cover existing holes and comes in the following sizes of 32mm, 96mm, 128mm, 160mm and 192mm.

C198 – Kiama Cabinet Handles

Solid Satin Brass Straight, T Shaped Flat Bar lip pull handle. It comes in sizes of 32mm and 96mm. Great for covering any existing holes. Suits and complements many styles and décor.

Brass Care & Maintenance

‘Adding new Brass hardware to the doors in your house…Handle House can really help you to get a handle on things!’

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