Bringing Back Brass

Bringing Back Brass

Old with the NEW

Brass has been widely popular throughout history, Brass ultimately is so versatile and adaptable that it can be used in various style designs.  With today’s popularity, Brass has now been on the increase, this offers a story of a newfound affair of a personalised character of craftsmanship from the past.

Being of a high-quality with versatile characteristics, Brass introduces a raw yellow shiny luxe component that can complement various of styles and interior design spaces. 

Brass being a leading metal for its longevity and traditional aesthetic can give spaces to feel of industrial, traditional or an eclectic feel.  In more recent times, Brass can be matched with the smallest of details like tapware, light fittings, décor even hardware. 

Element of Forte

While there is some maintenance involved with brass, Brass is easy to clean to help maintain its high standard look.  #howtocleanbrass#

The hard-wearing properties of Brass, it is unlike other metals; solid Brass is great to use in wet areas and for coastal living.

‘Features with a Timeless Appeal’

Introducing Brass has eminent features of looking of royal, elegant and sophistication, bringing a timeless appeal.

Brass is a base metal that is either polished to a high gloss or coated with a plated finish.  Brass will attain a natural rich golden-brown patina as the finish ages over time.

Brass has been around for centuries. But in today’s world, it’s complementary finish is great in many design styles!  

‘It is time to bring some antiquity back into your world!’

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