Our Newest & Most Exciting Bronze Handles


Our newest and latest finish to arrive is BRONZE. Our new Bronze products have a lustrous distinct mottled brown colour with a natural golden hue of dull gold tones. Great to introduce to a range of different styles and designs.

For a new feature, Bronze hardware adds an elegant retro-flair that works best in either modern or traditional style kitchens.  From modern, industrial, country, Hamptons, or retro styles Bronze will give you a sense of warmth and character. 

While Bronze works well on white or ivory cream cabinetry, it also compliments beautifully with shades of black, silvers, blues, and greens. Giving it a fantastic contrast that balances and harmonises the desired style and the look. 

Bronze and Copper are different in the colours. Bronze has tones of brushed yellow gold with a darker undertone and Copper has a rose gold colour with a strikingly darker undertone.  So don’t be confused as the two are so different in their finishes.

Take a look at our new BRONZE products…

For a new feature, Bronze hardware adds an elegant retro-flair that works best in modern or traditional style kitchens.

Using circular accents like our C149 and K83 can really complement a modern or traditional kitchen utilising its circle-based designs. The use of Bronze hardware can create a sense of appeal giving a space a delicate softness of warmth.

With the square motif design of our C156 and K91, it can give a combination of elegant sophistication with an old-world sense of charm.

Set your world apart from the rest…highlight with Bronze features to impress!’ 

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