Cabinet & Door Hardware – 5 TOP Colour Trends

Cabinet & Door Hardware – 5 top Colour trends

Today’s trends are ever undoubtingly changing…much like our hairstyles!  But most importantly are the colour choices that are hitting our homes!   There are popular but there is always something a bit different that takes a mark.  Check out our 5 TOP Colour choices in Cabinet & Door Hardware!

1. Black always on Track

Forever in a while Black door hardware has been popular within the modern, contemporary, Hamptons and industrial styles.  Black hardware gives an understated look while been elegant and pretty much can go with anything.  From marble, stone, timber, white or coloured palette, black hardware all look fantastic and can transform any space.

Black Products

2. Chrome for the Home

The Hampton style has made a huge comeback within today’s homes.  Hamptons style has a great impact on creating with modern elements and design applications.  Our Chrome L2 gives a fantastic Hampton sense of appeal, perfectly matching in today’s palette to suit the cool, clean airy Hamptons style. 

Chrome Products

3. Brushed Stainless Steel

This finish has remained to be a huge go-to range as it has a versatile and universal silvery finish! This finish has a great benefit to going with all other finishes and colours. Using stainless-steel door hardware, advantages to go with stainless steel accessories and appliances.   Being sleek, elegant, and luxurious, brushed stainless steel has the appeal and qualities of being durable. It complements any room by its completeness and charm.  It’s a great all-rounder.

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4. Satin Brass and Gold Tones

Hottest in the trend…but not new to the scene is the Satin Brass and Gold-toned hardware.  With these finishes, they carry a sense of traditional elegance.  These are very well used in classic, traditional, Georgian, Federation, and Hampton infused style designs.

Satin Brass is on-trend, it is also a living finish that has a remarkable sophistication appearance, highly used in modern Hamptons styled homes.  Contrasting Satin Brass to blue cabinetry gives a sense of attraction, warmth, and charm. 

Gold toned hardware has been notably used by many architects and designers, as this finish gives a lustre that infuses a sense of sophistication to a room.   Gold has the enticement to make a bold statement without being overpowering.

Pairing with fixtures and soft furnishings for both finishes, has a benefit to the overall architectural finish of your home.

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5. Clean with White

The newer finish that is coming to light is the use of White.  White hardware gives a timeless contemporary achromatic style, it composes a slight exaggeration sense of sophistication and elegance. 

These can be used in many design styles as it brings an individual element of character to a design.  From Country, Modern, Contemporary, Mediterranean, or Traditional, White hardware are adaptable.

White hardware gives a clean immaculate sense of appeal to highlight a coolness from our flush pulls to entrance pulls.  Designers have been enticed using white features to showcase an impeccable design of refinement, vividness, and quality.

White Products

With trends to rise beyond 2020…we will sure see these trends develop and transform to bring new design styles, giving consumers more to be influenced by!

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