Categorise Your Style

Categorise Your Style

What is your Visual Style?

Free Form Style 

Is a style that is rustic and has a mix of materials/metals, shades and blends of colour to make a unique style.  Free Form design is having a unique asymmetrical style with free-form furniture pieces, essentially used in an art expression of industrial design.

The use of quirky eye-catching pieces to create different emotions and moods, this style has no one element to distinguish this style. Free Form style is a unique individualistic interpretation of your own ‘Free Form Style’.  It comes down to the way the different mixed materials, colours, furnishings and hardware used to create your own style.

Asymmetrical Features

Story telling Style

Storytelling is a method of expression it communicates a story, whether through artwork, your décor or hardware throughout your home.  Having a home of eclectic personal treasures can bring creativity.  It’s the individual’s story, either from an individual piece or a whole room it can give the looker a feel to your story.

Incorporating your special finds from your travels, can add an interest to your home …not to mention a great conservation starter for your guests.  Make your souvenirs, treasures and hardware be your inspiration of your overall style.

Eclectic Treasures

Go-with-the-Flow Style

Is where everything ties in together harmoniously.  From the same shades of colour and complimenting colours.  Tones, tints and shades to compliment the flow throughout a home.  From neutral to bold, match your hardware to your fixtures and furnishings.  Keep the flow throughout your home is a universal way of making it simple.  

Tone to Harmonise

Theme Style 

Is a chosen theme to either the whole house or to individual rooms.  Whether it is a beach, coastal theme, glitz and glamour or anything in between.  It’s the use of colours, décor pieces and hardware to help tie in the overall feel and look to a theme.  Choose a theme that best fits your design aesthetic.

Design to a Theme

Whatever you may choose, these are some great ideas to get you inspired.  But at the end of the day it is ‘You’ the individual choose your environment you live, play or work in…so make something that is representation of you and your style! 

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