Cheats to hide old screw holes

Cheats to Hide Old Screws Holes

Written by Nadine

Cheats to Hide Old Screws Holes

Have you ever wanted to change your old handles or knobs but always worried about not finding the right perfect handle or knob to fit in the original screw holes? Well, read this and you will be reassured that there’s a way!

Firstly, you need to find out what is the measurements are of the centre to centre of the screw hole, this is done easily by taking off one of the original handles and measure the centre to centre of the holes either on the handle or the cupboard. Once you have the measurements this is easy to search a handle of that size, by checking out our handles on our website. All our products have the dimensions and measurements and most of our handles go up in increments of 32mm, starting at 32mm. We do have the odd unusual sized handles too!

C117 – Gold Glitter Cabinet Handles

Gold Decorative Rectangular Bar Handle Cabinet Handle (C117-GD Glitter)

If you ever come across a measurement that is not in according to this, there are so tricks and tips to hide the old holes and still bring life back to your kitchen, bathroom or any furniture. For example, if you have an unusual size measurement and you may have to redrill new holes and the old holes are exposed, look for handles that have lips, over hangs or a solid piece that is flush to the cupboard. Here are some splendid examples;
These are also great to hide any unruly marks that some handles can leave behind once taken off the cupboard/drawer or cabinets.

Cup Pulls –

Cup pulls are a wonderful way to disguise old holes with the cup covering the pre-existing holes. For these great Cup pulls here are C131’s, C149’s. C158’s and C165’s.

C131- Heritage Cup Pull Handles

Satin Nickel, Chrome, Black, Gold, Antique Silver or Matt Gold Shell Cup Pull Cabinet Handle (C131 Heritage)

C149- Traditional Cup Pull

Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Silver, Matt Antique Bronze, Polished Satin Nickel and Cooper Cup Pull Cabinet Handle C149 Traditional Cup Pull)

C158- Shaker Cup Pull

Eyelid Pulls –

Eyelids have a lip, these have the same benefit as the Cup Pulls. Check out the C44’s, C76’s

C44- Eye Lid Pull Cabinet Handles

Satin Nickel OR Matt Black Curved Eyelid Pull Cabinet Handle (C44- Eyelid Pull)Flat Pulls –

Flat pulls are more rectangular in shape which are great to hide any unruly marks or holes.

C50- Spotted Pull Handles

Long Flush Bars –

These are handles that are flush to the surface of the cupboard. What holes? Holes are well and truly are hidden and out of sight when you use these. For some great handles check out these.

C82- Tamworth Bow Cabinet Handles SN/CH

Satin Nickel and Chrome Bow Handle with cover plate Cabinet Handle (C82 Tamworth Handle)

Black Bar Lip Pull Cabinet Handle (C107-BL Meta)

C107- Meta Black Cabinet Handles

For smaller sized pre-existing holes check out the K42- Launceston Knobs.

Satin Nickel or Chrome Oval Knob Cabinet Knob (K42 Launceston)

K42- Launceston Knobs

Some other great handles to help disguise marks and old holes are the C168 and K90 which they have a fantastic back plate.  ‘These come in other great colours too!’

C168 – Queanbeyan Satin Nickel Back plate Handle

Satin Nickel Traditional D Handle with Backplate Cabinet Handle (C168-SN Queanbeyan)

Matt Antique Copper Round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob (K90-MattAC)

K90- Matt Antique Copper Vaucluse Knob and Plate

Knobs are an easy one, as generally they only have one hole, so replacing is endless. But converting an old knob to a handle, please refer to the suggestions above.

These are only truly some of the great ways to change old handles to something different and new, without all the added fuss. So now you know, there’s no need to be worried or daunted into changing and sprucing up your old kitchen, bathroom or furniture. It’s all about being clever, savvy and making the change!

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