Cheer Up Your Winter Blues

Cheer Up Your Winter Blues with our new handles.

Isn’t it so cliché that when Winter comes we say, “Ah better beat those Winter Blues!”  That’s not so for Handle House, Winter is such a beautiful time to huddle up and keep warm, like Movies and cooking up those warm tasty stews and soups! Mmmm! Nothing beats like a Big Warm Hug! And Nothing beats having a beautiful kitchen to work in and nothings better than admiring the charm that simple Cabinet Handles can bring.

Like anything new, it’s exciting and that is exactly that!! With our new C160 – Tasmania they are different and original!  Why not bring a bit of excitement of Tasmania into your home, there’s nothing cold about them! They come in two different finishes and are wonderful item for any kitchen and they deserve to be highlighted.  These C160’s is like the perfect handle that is nautical looking but with a modern twist.  It may also can represent a connection to your loved ones, family, friends and co-workers.  It may also mean a symbol of loyalty of love, which can eventually lead to a happy marriage, (like tying the knot).  Whatever the meaning these can give you love a whole new meaning!  Bringing the warmth to the kitchen and love within your home, our Tasmania handles will help tie that together!

C160 – Tasmania Black Cabinet Handle       With matching knob K19 – Tasmania Knob Black   

Black Traditional Cabinet Handle (C160-BL Tasmania)   

C160 – Tasmania Matt Gold Cabinet Handle With matching Knob K19 – Tasmania Knob

Matt Gold Traditional Cabinet Handle (C160-MattGD Tasmania)


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