Choosing the Optimal Stainless Steel Grade for your Handle

Choosing a Stainless-Steel Grade for your Handle

Article Written by Nadine

When choosing any handle or door hardware, you want something that could withstand the elements for its time.  Handle House & Things only carry the best quality stainless-steel cabinet handles, entrance handles, levers and hardware.  All grades of Stainless steel have a reasonable degree of resistance to corrosion.  But with our common stainless-steel grades we have are at 304 and 316.  The difference between the two grades are as follows:



304 Stainless Steel –

Brushed Stainless Steel Square Bow Cabinet Handle (C2 Sydney Bow) compressedBrushed Stainless Steel Cylinder Knob Cabinet Knob (K70 Boondall Knob) (600 x 459)Brushed Stainless Steel Curved Round Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E17 Prestige) compressed

304 is the most common grade in stainless steel products as it has a high nickel content and it contains less than 0.08% carbon this is because of its strength and to outstand extreme resistance to corrosion.  Usually Stainless steel more expensive than any other material but at Handle House our 304 & 316 products are at an affordable cost for the best quality of products.  This grade is perfect to withstand the elements of outside weather making it perfect for front doors, back doors and interior use.  Also opting for finishes like powder coating can increase the durability and wear.

Other stainless cabinets handles



316 Stainless Steel –

Brushed Stainless Steel Wide Bow Entrance Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E2 Executive Flat Bow ) compressed

316 is a Marine grade it is the second best most common stainless steel that is a non-magnetic carbon form of iron that is stable to stand at elevated temperatures.  Generally, the 316 grade is used in marine and industrial conditions because its greater use to resist to corrosion than other grades of any other stainless steel. The durability out of the 316 is that it can stand the high salt environments, like Coastal areas and places where it can drop below temperatures.  Also, the 316 grade is a better choice to withstand chloride exposure conditions. We have our E2 Entrance Handle that comes in 316 Grade Stainless Steel to meet these conditions.

 Other Stainless Steel Entrance Handles

The draw backs of any stainless-steel products are that they will need to be cleaned and maintained to get the best continuation of use to last its time.  They also can get marked by fingerprints and oils.  They also can develop a natural process called tea-staining, this is a natural occurrence that can leave a discolouration on the surface. But with a perfect metal cleaner it can bring back the product to its original state.

The positives on using such stainless-steel products it is a high-quality material that can endure much more use and handling before they start showing signs of wear and tear than other materials.

Overall Stainless-Steel products have a better rating as they have an enhanced quality to last longer than other handles and hardware.



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