Colour Elements Cabinetry Hardware that Sets the Tone.

Colour Elements – Cabinetry Hardware that Sets the Tone

Written by Nadine

Colour Elements – Cabinetry Hardware that Sets the Tone

We can help provide you with a variety of looks to complement any design or style to any kitchen or bathroom. At Handle House we offer you quality at an affordable price. Choosing the right style and colour of hardware is important as this will help feature the finishing theme or design of what you are trying to create.

To get an understanding of what colour should suit your home, it really comes down to everyone’s tastes and choice. Questions to help decide on your colour choice.

  1. What type of colour are you leaning towards i.e. in the reds, yellows, blues, greens etc?
  2. Depending on the intensity of a colour, how vivid or bright do you want the colour to be?
  3. What is the contrast that you are leaning towards…is it light or dark? The contrast is related to shades determined by the lightness or darkness of a product, for example products with added black is a shade, while products with added white is a tint.

Other questions to answer is do you want your cabinetry hardware to match your kitchen splash back? Or do you want them to match your décor? Or do you want it to match your fixtures? Are you going for a design, theme or style? Or do you want something completely different? These sorts of questions will lead you to fulfil the answer. If you are still undecided, why not jump on our Website to inspire you with a your choice!

Colours are important…and so should the look of your cabinetry hardware!

Colour inspirations click here

Here are some great colour examples that Handle House has to offer!

Chic with Matt Black

To make a bold, yet elegant statement it’s in the finer details that allow you to apply your personal style to your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other furniture. Consider using modern bold, distinctive and creative styles by using Black;
Black Square Handle with Tapered Legs Cabinet Handle (C171-BL Nedlands)Left: NEW C171 – Nedlands Black Cabinet Handle our classy square modern handle with tapered legs. Don’t be shy to explore different elements and colours. A universal modern handle that can be used in all design styles.



Right: C44- Eye Lid Pull Cabinet Handles are simple but a stylish design cabinet pull handle.

Other Black Inspiring Handles and Knobs

Ignite with White

Technically you can’t go wrong with White! When doing a kitchen, laundry or any space in a house ‘white’ is a timeless colour. It enhances any room, using white handles and knobs can give subtle highlights without creating a stigma of too much attention on its own. White cabinet handles and knobs are a clean, bold elegant statement on their own. The colour White consists of all the colours of the rainbow. No wonder white is cheerful, pure and enlightening…Shine your world with a Rainbow!
You think it’s time for a new change, ignite the light into your world with our glorious White Cabinet Handles and White knobs.

Two Toned Chrome and White Square with Rounded Edges Handle Cabinet Handle (C61-CH_WH Bendigo)C61- Bendigo CH & White Handles a super modern handle with white and chrome outer.

White Organic Decorative Handle Cabinet Handle (C153-WH Port Mcquarie)

C153- Port Macquarie White Cabinet Handle an organic decorative handle.

Other White Inspiring Handles and Knobs

Don’t hesitate with Ornate

Ornate hardware is a real personal and unique cabinet hardware that is fun, quirky, elegant and diverse. Even though these may not always clarify in a colour, it is the embellishments that sometimes bring distinct colour of the material to the overall handle or knob. Some of the more decorative designed handles and knobs can showcase perfect accents for an elegant Classical style kitchen. Some of our greatest pieces are different and exciting. Antique Silver Elegant Curved Handle Cabinet Handle (C135 Ferngully)

Left: C135- Ferngully Handle that is a traditional handle with leaf style feet. Great to use in any Classical, traditional, Coastal or Hampton style kitchen or bathroom.Rose Gold Traditional Cabinet Handle (C160 RG Tasmania)

Right: C160 – Tasmania Cabinet Handle rose Gold that has a beachy nautical look to them, it also comes with matching knob, wonderful use for either for a modern, traditional or eclectic design. Comes in other great finishes too.


K46-Antique SilverAntique Silver or Antique Gold Crystal Knob with Antique Silver Surround Cabinet Knob (K46 Antique Knob)

Above: K46- Antique Knob / Glass centre Knobs are so beautifully designed with embellishments, great to use in the bathroom or as a feature on a wardrobe. Comes in Antique Silver or Matt Gold with crystal centre.

Other Ornate Inspiring Handles and Knobs


It’s Crystal Clear

Adding shine, glitz and glamour to any space will delight your visitors with the look of being expensive, chic and stylish but without the added cost of an expensive gem! As a crystal it is perfect, as it reflects off all colours from around your space to shine even more brightly.

Left: K54- Glamour Knob is a Round delightful Crystal Knob perfect to glamorise up a space in your bathroom, bedroom or laundry.

Chrome Decorative Crystal Handle Cabinet Handle (C122 Diamonte)Right: C122- Diamonte Cabinet Handles / Glass Design handle and a matching Knob is K52- Diamonte Glass Design Knob a beautiful modern design handle of elegance. Are you needing that one more extra element to captivate your style or personality, these are fantastic choice to include in your next project!

Other Crystal Inspiring handles and knobs

Dynamic Ceramic

With these cabinetry hardware, colours are added in the Ceramic itself. Add a beautiful and delicate touch to your country kitchen with a perfect ceramic piece to complement your cabinets. Ceramic colours are White and Black. The White ceramic insert comes in three different outer finishes; there is Black, Chrome or Antique Gold. The Black ceramic insert comes in two different outer finishes Satin Nickel or Chrome. A great balance of colours to picture perfectly on your cabinets or furniture.

Black and White Antique Bar Two Toned Handle Cabinet Handle (C134 Weston)Left: C134- Weston Cabinet Handles are a great look with modern black ends and a fabulous white ceramic middle.

Below Right: The perfect match is the K66- Weston Knobs with White Insert or the K66- Weston Knobs with Black Insert with the different colour backings.



Other Ceramic Inspiring handles and knobs

The colour choices we have, there is something for everybody. We can also powder coat our selected Stainless-Steel products to colours to suit from the Dulux powder coating range. You can call us for further information on powder coating and prices. The wonderful thing with Colour…there is always a colour to suit all kitchens, laundries, bathrooms and even furniture.

‘Use Colour Elements on your Cabinets to set the tone!’

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