Colour. Shape. Function.


Your choice of colours and shapes when decorating is a very personal choice. It says so much about who you are, the emotions you are wanting to evoke when in a certain space, the statement you want to be at the forefront of people’s minds and what memories will be created in the space. At Handle House we have a vast range of handles that are going to match in with every aspect of your personality.

When it comes to colours your choices are no longer reduced to black, white and stainless steel. At Handle House we have many different colours and finishes to match with the ever changing trends that are being embraced throughout homes and businesses alike. Our stainless-steel range for example, including our stunning pull handles for entries and gates, are not only tethered to a polished or brushed finish, we can actually custom powder coat them for you to any colour in the Dulux powder coat colour range. For example, if you choose a splash back in the Dulux colour Monument, we can then match your choice of stainless steel handle to that colour for the perfect seamless finish.

Shape is always important when creating visual balance to an area. The old saying of not being able to ‘put a square peg in a round hole’ rings true for decorating as well. As kitchens and bathrooms take on an ever growing need to be multi-functional the use of shape to maximise space is very important. Kitchens are now so much more than a place to cook, they are the family gathering area that spills over into the Homework and Home Office space as well. Lives are so full of multitasking it makes sense to have these spaces as multi functioning as the people who live in them. Our handles fit into busy lives, for example our flush cabinetry options are a brilliant solution for busy families who need surfaces to be flat or to overlap.

Spaces need to be able to look beautiful but also be functional for their purpose. At Handle House all of our handles are both beautiful and functional. Whatever project you endeavour on next I am sure that we will have something to cater to your needs both aesthetically and functionally.

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