Complete your Cabinets and Drawers with Elegance

Article Written By Nadine

We all like to make a house a home! Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling. A feeling knowing when you’re home you can relax at the end of an exhausting day, it’s a sense of love, a sense of belonging, a sense of freedom, a sense of being you!

Like all furnishings, curtains, cushions, decorative art pieces, furniture, appliances and door hardware they reflect your personality and style.  So, when thinking of handles throughout your home, you should have little gems of “you” placed on your kitchen cabinets and drawers, providing a sense of euphoria whenever you walk into your kitchen.

Complete your cabinets and drawers with elegance. Small pieces should make you feel you have connection to something or someone.  In a kitchen, most family gatherings occur over cups of tea and coffee, baking of fresh cookies or just simply the exchange of conversations of our day. Your cabinet handles or knobs influences that part of your day when they are opened and closed numerous times. So, it’s important it reflects your journey throughout your life and endures the testament of time. What could be more perfect then our beautiful little gems C18 & C135 which provides beauty and a sense of class and style.  These are just two of our elegant products.

 Two Toned Satin Nickel and Chrome Bow Handle Cabinet Handle (C18 Maroochydore)

C18- Maroochydore Cabinet Handles Satin Nickel with Chrome

A beautiful two-toned arch creating a sense of slickness, cleanliness and excitement.

Antique Silver Elegant Curved Handle Cabinet Handle (C135 Ferngully) 

C135- Ferngully Handle

These beautiful whimsical fern features have a sense of enchantment, elegance and magic.

For more of our beautiful products that may assist on discovering your next perfect piece to have in your home click here.

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