Copper Cup Pulls

Conquering Copper Styling

In recent times we have seen the resurgence of Copper styling. You can now literally get everything from your kettle to your kitchen sink in Copper. Why stop at the appliances when you can bring the entire look together with some of the beautiful Copper handles we have at Handle House, your options really are only limited by your imagination and with our friendly staff’s enthusiasm you can have a few imaginations working for you at the same time.

Copper styling lends itself to any surroundings. Absolute bathroom luxury can be achieved with our sleek and sexy Bathurst handles and matching knob. These really are the Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara of handles, it’s a perfect combination of her soft curves but offset with a square finish reminiscent of his strong jawline. They will steam the bathroom up long before you turn the shower on!

If it’s time to make over Grandmas vintage side board, give it a new lease on life with our stunning Traditional or Heritage cup pulls, these bring a timeless elegance and warmth to any furniture. They also throw a nice twist to the classic white kitchen, with a burst of shine and colour and it is absolutely breathtaking when set against black. Whether you are teaming it with concrete or warmer wooden finishes Copper easily lends itself to a range of stylings giving a polished look that will remain timeless in its elegance.

Whatever the project you are undertaking, be it building your very own ”Tara” or giving Grandma’s side board a new lease on life, if it is the warm and luxurious glow of Copper you are wanting Handle House have a wide range of Copper options and can provide exactly the inspiration you are looking for.

Copper Strap Handle Cabinet Handle (C150 Bathurst) (600 x 418)C150-Bathurst


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