The Complete Guide to Bow Cabinet Handles

Bow Cabinet Handles

CurveD in Design…Smooth in Nature

Handle House offers a wide range of bow shaped cabinet handles. These come a range of different sizes to cater for all spaces. Bow cabinet handles are the most practical and sensible handle design. Using Bow handles in a kitchen or space, eliminates the possibility of any part of the handle catching onto clothes or body. Bow handles have smooth edges that taper to the cupboard or drawers, creating a much safer option when it comes to handles.

The application is practical but the design is aesthetically transitional…meaning these designed handles have a great way to belong in modern, traditional and that in-between style homes. Here are some of our wonderful curved handles below.

Smooth is the move

Are you need of a handle that is smooth? Well bow handles accommodates for this perfectly. The designed handles of ‘bowed shape’ gives an element of smooth edges and a good feel in your hand. No protruding overhangs just a nice smooth bow for a good grip.

No sharp edges to bump into… the shape of these curved handles gives an even bow-style design to the cupboard or drawer. Curved handles suit all design applications and styles.

Symmetrical smallness

The smaller version of a symmetrical curved design gives a wonderful balance and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The continuous nature of a smaller bow curve takes on an architectural modern element giving a sense of evenness and simplicity.

features of two toned

You are not limited to just a curved design with your handles. Why not create a statement with two-tone handle choices, this gives a sophisticated and elegant, contemporary and definitive style for a truly eye-catching design.  Two-toned cabinetry handles also adds attractiveness and charm to a modern styled bathroom or kitchen.

Colour the Curve

We have a great selection of colours choices for our bow handles, so you are not totally limited in your design choices. Also take note: some of our brushed stainless steel handles can be powder coated to your liking*. Bow handles suit all design applications, décor and styles. So, what is there not to love in a bowed handle!

*For information on powder coating please speak to one of our wonderful team members.

Feature your choice of Bow cabinet handles!

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