Dress Up your Old Furniture

Written by Nadine

Dress Up your Old Furniture

K46As we get older we all have a piece of furniture that has carried us through the years and now it’s looking dated and daggy. But it doesn’t have to end up at the tip or garage sale, with a bit of imagination, a tin of paint or two you can simply create a new fabulous masterpiece to love once again.

Play Around with Ideas

Start looking at the furniture you like to redo, get ideas from Houzz, Pinterest or magazines. There are so many ideas that will show you how to turn your old, dull pieces into fabulous new creations with little time and money.

Opportunities are endless

Using old furniture gives you lots of opportunities to recreate them in the way you want. Essentially any piece of furniture can be given life once again. From dressers, bedside tables, cupboards, drawers really anything that that is outdated and old can be restored. By doing your own simple restorations you can save money and having pieces that you will be proud of to display again.

Here are some of our fabulous simple spruce ups!

K86- Clontarf Cabinet Knob and C3- Post and Rail Cabinet Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed)

A change of paint, profiled doors and the use of our K86- Clontarf Cabinet Knob and C3- Post and Rail Cabinet Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) adds more of a clean, fresh and modern look to this bathroom vanity.

K89- Yarraville Black Knob

A new lick of paint and change of knobs to our K89- Yarraville Knob has changed the overall look of this useful piece into a masterpiece of Love.


K64- Royale Ring Pull Matt Gold

An old brown Dresser revamped to a stylish Victorian style by painting it in a duck egg blue colour and adding our K64 Gold Ring Pulls for that modern old-world charm.


K46- Antique Knob / Glass centre Knobs

An old bedside table given a new lease of life and love, with new paint and added K46 Knobs to give it a elegant Shabby Chic look with a touch of vintage.

Two different looks just changing knobs


K46 Matt Antique Gold        K90 Polished Nickel 

Tie in your Other Décor Pieces to Suit your Furniture 

These are some simple changes to old furniture, but you can also spruce up anything with a bit of imagination.  From old mirrors and picture frames you can use knobs on the bottom of the frame, this does not only look good it is useful to hang your hats, jackets, coats or keys. The ideas are endless…

Save Money…Reuse!

So next time you are thinking of throwing out that piece of furniture that you no longer like…be creative and inspired to change its look with a lick of paint and accessories like knobs and handles.

‘Get more life out of your furniture, don’t throw it out…dress it up!’

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