Easter Time Mini-Make Over

Written by Nadine

Easter Time Mini-Make Over 

‘It’s Mini-Make Over Time!’

This is a wonderful opportunity to use this time we have off over the Easter break to bring excitement and zest back into your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any space that may need a mini-make over. This is a project that all the family can get involved, even great for little hands to stay busy! You don’t need to spend much to get a great result!

One easy step to help change a look of a room is simply changing the Handles or Knobs. As simple as this sounds… it is! As I mention a lot handles and knobs are like Jewellery to an Outfit.  Basic cabinetry hardware glorifies the life back onto the cabinets, drawers and even furniture! Change a simple look of a different finish or different style can uplift and change the mood of a room!

Steps to getting the best results without too much work!

1.  Changing pre-existing handles and knobs are the easiest and cheapest alternative to do. Simply just measure the centre to centre of the pre-existing holes or the old handle. This will help work out the size of the Centre to Centre handle that may be needed.

(Above: K24- Large Egg Knobs in Gold)

2.  Simple…ok now that you have the sizes, it is time to source out an idea of what finish or a particular colour you have in mind.

C159 – Nambour Copper Handle and K102 – Nambour Knob


C159- Copper Nambour Cabinet Handles

3.  Once you have a finish you like, now choose a design or style you like to go with. You may be surprised with a distinctive style or design of a handle,  can change a lot within room giving it whole new feel and vigour. If you have a profile or shaker door cabinets a Traditional or Antique handle or knob would bring the elements together making a modernized Traditional feel and look. Or if it a flat door cabinets changing old handles to a more Modern or Contemporary design can jazz up the cabinets or furniture by giving it a Modern fresh look.  Whatever the style choose something that represents your personality and taste.

(Click here for Traditional Style Handles)  or (Click here for Modern Style Handles)


4.  You will also need to mindful of the functionally of the handle or knob that it will give. No point having a handle that is a flat surface bar when you have arthritis. But instead a handle with a great profile behind so you can get your hands clearly in and making it easy to use.

(Above: C28-Castilla D Round Bar Cabinet Handles)


5.  As simple as a feature like a handle or knob will help tie in your style of the room or space, giving it personality and a sense of style without breaking the bank.

Above: K43 – Geraldton Chrome Knobs)

6. Be proud of your overall look and the space you live in!

(Below: C149-Traditional Cup Pull)


Come visit one of our Showrooms near you to explore your options this Easter Break!

HAPPY EASTER From the Team at Handle House!

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