Enter a Whole New World

Enter a Whole New World

Article Written By Nadine

‘WOW your Guests!’

You cannot help it but he very first thing you see as you about to enter a house is the Entrance, it undertakes the mood your about to enter.  Having a door of any size or colour it should stand out with splendour for people that are about to enter to have an anticipation of excitement and wonder.  To gain the best appeal for your door is you will need to choose the right hardware for it.  There is so many choices to choose today, but here are some basics to get you started.

As simple as a door handle, it should characterise your personality and the style within your home, from either a Lever to an Entrance Pull Handle.  The size of door is depicted for the size handle that is needed.  Here we will show you 3 distinctive designs and ideas to fulfil the right door hardware for your Front Door.

For an example, you could use a Lever like our L3- Designer Door Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) Door Handles – Square with a T57- Double Deadbolt on a door that is like pictured below.  Any Stainless-Steel Levers are best for external use as they can tolerate the changing weather.

Brushed Stainless Steel Square with Rounded Back Handle and Square Back Plate Door Handles Levers (L3 SQ Designer Square) compressed

Brushed Stainless Steel Double Deadlock Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T57 Double Deadlock) T57- Deadbolt

Like our E27- New Style Entrance Pull Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) pull handles are a fabulous Entrance Pull handle with character and style.  Combined with our T28- Smart Lock and in combination for use for security is the T6-Cylinder door hardware that has a key for the front and a removable snib for inside is ideal for a pivot door.     

E27- New Style


Brushed Stainless Steel and Chrome Round Smart Lock Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T28 RD Round Smart Lock) compressedSatin Nickel Euro Cylinder Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T6 Euro Cylinder)

T28-Smart Lock Set                                                                                                          T6 – Cylinder
Above: E27- New Style Entrance Pull Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) pull handles



Below:E36- New Kaiser Entrance Pull Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) pull handles

A modern, straight rectangular round edged Pull Handle that is back to back.  Best with a T3-60mm Roller lock with a double sprung solid roller as it has an easy front adjustment and use. In combination with the T6 cylinder for easy locking and security.  The escutcheon are the pretty things to cover up the Cylinder to make it easier to distingish where to put the key and that it also makes the door look complete for a hinged door.  (Comes in round or Square).


Brushed Stainless Steel Rounded Rectangular Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E36 New Kaiser) compressed

Brushed Stainless Steel 60mm Roller Mortise Lock Door Hardware Locks and Accessories (T3-60 60mm Roller Mortise Lock)Satin Nickel Euro Cylinder Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T6 Euro Cylinder)Brushed Stainless Steel Round Escutcheons- Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T16 Round Escutcheons) compressed

T3- 60mm Roller Lock                                                                           T6- Cylinder                                                 T16-Escutcheons (Round)

However, you like your door handle you will find something that is practical and easy to use.  Always use a handle that is in an easy reach and height to use, no need to put it way up high if you are shorter person in height.  Next is deciding, where would you like to put the lock, below, above or beside your Lever or Pull Handle.  When it comes to colours, pull handles can be powder coated to many choices of colours to suit.

But the exciting part is choosing something that reflects a piece of your personality or style you are intending to go with.

Enter a Whole New world… with design, class and admiration.


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