Father’s Day DIY Revamp

Father’s Day DIY Revamp

Sporting for some great gift ideas?

Are you racking your brain for simple and inexpensive great Father’s Day ideas?  How about some fantastic DIY ideas, using practical and functional hardware to revamp Dad’s space with a new look! 

BBQ / Alfresco Areas

For a great functional and practical work area, these High-Quality Brushed Stainless Steel C79 – Mainz Cabinet Handles are a fabulous addition to any modern BBQ or alfresco area.  Looks great and allows easy maneuvering around the space, giving more freedom to show off dad’s cookery skills.  Easy to clean and be ready for next time.

Hands-on in the Workshop

Getting dirty in the workshop?… Oils, grease and dirt, no matter how dirty these high-quality Cabinet Handles get, these can handle it! These are easy to clean and keep the place looking spiffy once again. Great to use on workbenches, trolleys or drawers. Or if you want to be creative use knobs on a wooden board for hanging tools on!

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Tonka Truck Tough

Great to use on your caddy slides in 4wd’s or utes or storage boxes.  These robust and high-quality stainless steel C13 Queensland Cabinet Handles get the job done with ease.  These come in a size of 192mm centre to centre.

Hanging in the Man-Cave

Does your Dad need a place to hang his hat, Jersey Scarf, jacket or sporting equipment on?  How about a functional idea of using our knobs on a rustic piece of wood to hang? This idea is not only for a great display but a simple practical place to hang his important stuff. 

If you really want to impress dad…come visit one of our stores for more inspirational ideas of knobs, handles, and things!

All Dad’s should have a space to call their own,  a place where they can be themselves to chill and relax in.  Giving their space a revamp to feel inspired and comfortable in.  

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‘Give Dad a masterpiece to remember!’

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