Over the past few months, we have had an increase of people coming in to change over from their handleless kitchens to feature handles.  Not only for the design element but for the cleanliness aspect.

With the push to open cabinetry, it is a great space-saving feature but not necessarily a cleaner choice.  Clients who have come in say the same thing “I’m sick of wiping my cupboards and drawers every day.”  

Cabinet Handles are benefiting in many ways to prevent that problem.  Handles that protrude away from the cupboards, will minimise fingerprints, marks, and handprints.  With handleless cupboards nothing is worse than having a wet hand and in need of a towel (that is in your cupboard).  You push to open only to leave your wet dripping water finger marks all over your cabinetry.  Double wiping means double the work.  Cabinet handles solve that issue! 

Handle House caters to a great selection of different designs, styles, and finishes.  So, if you are in the need of either changing over to handles or/and knobs, or simply changing old ones for new.  Come visit us!

Our high-quality designer handles are often used in many design style kitchens, bathrooms, and on furniture too.  From Hamptons, cottage, and farmhouse to industrial, modern and eclectic styles. 

‘Picking your Choice of Handles & Knobs to go with your style.’

‘keep clean with feature handles that go with your design style.’

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