White Handles

‘Fifty Shades of White’


Within today’s modern world, White cabinet handles and nobs aren’t given the credit they truly deserve! These beautiful and calm pieces can be used as a bold elegant statement on their own. With the addition of these meek pieces they can bring a special touch of magic required to freshen, brighten and charm any style within a room.  It’s all about being creative and innovative as what you put on your cabinets and drawers.


Technically you can’t go wrong with White!  When doing a kitchen, laundry or any space in a house ‘white’ is a timeless colour. It enhances any room giving a profound impact affecting people’s attention especially if you use the contrast of two elements to enhance any dark or wooden cabinets.  Using white handles and knobs can provide subtle highlight without creating a stigma of too much attention on its own.  It can be also used in a monochromic style if you have a palette of different shades of white giving it a picturesque calmness of tranquillity.


Most of us are so busy and we need that surety of white to add calmness within our lives, creating a timeless, alluring, inspired and a harmonious feeling within a room just allowing us to unwind and relax.  Transforming and brightening a dull or dark space such as cupboards can just be the thing to uplift your mood.

White is a colour made up of a blend of all colours, it’s polychromatic. Which means the colour White is sunlight that consists of all the colours of the spectrum of a rainbow.  No wonder white is cheerful, heartening and virtuous, it has an affect to create a living space to its full inspirational potential, symbolic of goodness and purity.


You think it’s time for a new change, well allow some light within your room or your world with our glorious White Cabinet Handles and White knobs.  Be different, be inspired but definitively be creative.

Our stunning little charmers within our traditional range is the Country Style Handle the C148 and adding the gorgeous knob to suit is the Country Style White Cracked K81

C148- Country Style Handle   

 Black and White Cracked OR Antique Silver and White Cracked OR Antique Gold and White Cracked Decorative Cabinet Handle (C148 Country Style)                


K81- Country Style White Cracked Knob to match

White Cracked Ceramic Knob Cabinet Knob (K81 Country Style)

Some of our other timeless splendours are these handy K66 Weston knobs that come in three different finishes to either suit existing handles or create a latest look all together.

K66- Weston Knobs  

White and Black, White and Chrome or White and Antique Gold Round Knob with White insert Cabinet Knob (K66 Weston Knob) compressed                 

 Or try our popular and opulent

C70- Narangba White Cabinet Handles   already comes White, it’s a Slimline Square Kitchen Cabinet Handles with nice smooth edges.

White Square with Round Edges Handle Cabinet Handle (C70 WH Narangba Handles)

Our other options for a fabulous of White handle or knob is that all our stainless-steel products can be powder coated to white.

Here’s an example of our C27 and C137:

C27- Ipswich White Cabinet Handles

Square wide handle with a comfortable round back

White Square Handle Rounded Back Cabinet Handle (C27-WH-Ipswich)


 C137- Caloundra Cabinet White Handles

Handle that fits on top of the door or drawer to give a minimalist look.

White Lip Pull Handle Cabinet Handle (C137-WH Caloundra)


So, White can be the new added colour for your new latest look.  Be inspired with the tranquillity and uplifting crisp white that can brighten your house today.


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