Flush Bolts

For Inactive Doors

Flush Bolts are commonly used on double doors.  The Flush Bolts allows one door to stay inactive but can be opened when needed. This door usually stays closed with the use of the flush bolts securing the door on the edge of the top and bottom of the door. 

Keeping in Place

Flush bolts are either morticed into the inner door edge (top and bottom) and either slide upward or downward into the jamb to keep the door secured. When you have a set of double doors or rebated doors, the door closes into itself. Meaning, the hinges are on the outside and the doors close together into the middle.

For a Cleaner Look

Some Flush Bolts can be morticed into the side of the door for a neater and tidier appearance. Other Flush Bolts can be morticed on the front of the door allowing it to be key locked. 

We have our T10- Edge Stainless Steel Flush Bolt that is morticed to the side of the door.  The throw goes into the jamb for securing the inactive door, preferably to use for bottom and top. 

T11- Keyed Flush Bolt faceplate screwed from the front recessed in, comes with keyed lock for added security. Used for the door from inside.

T24- Edge Stainless Steel Flush Bolt can be morticed into the edge of door or on the face of any door.

Other door hardware to complement French Doors (double doors) are;

T5 – Rebate Kits

T12- Router Bit Door Hardware for the use for the T11 -Keyed Flush Bolt.

T36 – Square Cabin Hook to hold back the doors to stay open.

Flush bolts are available in rounded or squared corners and come in various sizes.  Choose a flush bolt to compliment your new or existing hardware. 

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