The Complete Guide to French Door Handles & Hardware

‘French Door Handles…for a timeless and sophisticated style.’

French doors offer a great way to create that wonderful traditional style and feel. They add character and charm to your home, especially in design styles like Hamptons, Coastal, Country, and Rustic. French Doors often feature glass paneling which brings in light but can still add privacy.  

To get the best out of your French Doors, it is all about choosing the right hardware to finish your look and feel.

Before you choose your handles & hardware, there are a few things you will need to know about your doors.

French Doors, are they sliding, rebated, or simply leaFed doors?

Sliding Doors – These are leaf doors that slide together and come squarely flush.

Rebated Doors – These are swinging doors but one of the doors has a groove that is either cut or channelled out at the end. This is so it closes tightly onto the other door with an overlapping lip. They interlock fittingly with one another. 

Stainless Steel and Satin Nickel Rebate kit to suit mortise lock Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T5 Rebate kit to suit mortise lock) compressed
T5 – Rebate Kits for T3’s or T14’s

Is your door Rebated? We have Rebate Kits available, our T5- Rebate Kit Door Hardware is great to use for double doors.  These rebate kits are used so the Mortise Locks and Roller Locks can function properly with the door.

Leaved Doors – These are swinging doors where two leave doors come together squarely like a sliding door.

have you got New or Repurposed doors?

A new French Door offers many more options than a repurposed door. You will need to consider how much space you have within the door to the glass paneling. You do not want to start drilling in the wrong place and crack your glass.  

If your doors are repurposed, you will need to find out the size diameter boreholes that may have already been drilled into the door.  Also, is the wood panel where the hardware to be placed going through a solid door? 

Considering all of the above, you can now look at some your options below. Here are some great French Door ideas that you can use!  

Locking with Entrance Pull Handles

Choice of Entrance Pull, T3 Roller Lock,
T39 Cylinder and T16 Round Escutcheons

In terms of your entrance pull handles you have two options:

  1. Face fixed entrance pulls which screw from the front
  2. Back to Back entrance pulls which are just that… back to back

Options for french doors

Some options that will help highlight the additional traditional ambiance and look to your door. Our E46’s, E47’s, E43’s, or E54’s. Check below.

HARDWARE: Use your choice of any Entrance Pull Handles with our T3 – Roller Lock, euro cylinder and choice of escutcheons.

Click here for more Entrance Pull options for French Doors

Locking with Long Plated Levers

Locking with Long Plated Levers will give you the security that you will need for external doors, or other doors that may need locking. Euro Long Plated Lever sets come back to back. To balance the look we recommend a Dummy set on the other side of the door to match (click here for more information on Dummy Door Handles).

HARDWARE: Your choice of any euro long plated levers with our T14 – Mortice Lock and T39 or T49 Euro Cylinder. Use a Dummy Lever to match and balance aesthetically.

Other Long Plated Lever Sets

Latching with either pull handles, Levers or long plated levers (not locking)

If you need your door to latch but not lock, there are a few options that can cater for this. Our T37 is a roller latch that is perfect to go with Entrance Pulls or Dummy Levers sets. The roller latch simply latches nicely when you close the door. Passage Levers come with latches that have a tongue inside that will keep the door shut.

Chrome Roller Bolt Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T37 Roller Bolt) compressed

Latching with Pull Handles – Your choice of Entrance Pulls with our T37 Roller Latch.

Passage or Dummy Levers – Your choice of Passage Lever Sets. To match for the other side of the door you can use matching Levers.

For Dummy Sets to act as a pull lever try using our T37 Roller Latch.

Passage or Dummy Long Plated Levers – Your choice of Passage Lever Sets or Dummy Set with our T37 Roller Latch. To match for the other side of the door you can use matching Levers.

Additional products you will need are a Flush Bolts to keep one side of the door stationery and the other to use the main door to enter in or out. Click here to see more about Flush Bolts.

Hinges are there to help complete the look, tie in all your hardware together with the same finishes. Check out our choices of Hinges

Parting words

Do keep in mind that these as French Doors are nearly all glass, they do pose some security problems. So, ensure your doors are fitted with good locks, flush bolts, and door hardware, you then will be able to enjoy all the benefits whilst still maintaining peace of mind.

There is no doubt that French doors bring a visually pleasing appeal. In fact, they may even help to increase the value of your home!

*For further details or assistance on any of our products, please contact one of our team members.*

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    I live in a traditional queenslander and all the french doors have barrel bolts. Would you by any chance stock them.
    Your reply and/info would be greatly appreciated.
    Warm regards

    1. Hello Theresia,

      Thank you for your message and interest in our products.

      I have sent you an email directly, we look forward to hearing from you.

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