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Article Written by Nadine

Front Entrance Lever Sets are very popular as they are simplistic in design and very user friendly. Lever Entrance Sets have been around for some time now and are interchangeable with variety of finishes. Basic Levers features are key lock on the outside and either a turn thumb snib or push button that you lock the door internally. But some have the added feature of a deadbolt lock providing extra security, once you turn the key. The main feature being once it is locked from the outside anyone trying to get from inside out will also need a key.
Our perfect keyed Levers L7 comes with a thumb snib and Combination with a Dead Bolt. The Combination set comprising of the keyed dead bolt lock and the keyed lever utilising one key. This allows you to have the preference to walk in and out of your house with just shutting the door that simply latches the door close but not locking it. Alternatively, you can lock either or both for that added security. Combination sets especially the keyed dead bolt lock offers a piece of mind when on holidays, just turn twice to lock the bolt for extra length in the bolt to strengthen more into the door frame.

Outside                                                                                                                                            Inside



Some other beautiful pieces that have the keyed features are our L1L- Hilton Long Plate Lever

L1L Hilton Long Plate Lever
Click for other Euro Long Plated Levers
These levers need a locking mechanism called a mortise lock.

Our T14 comes in two sizes 40mm or the 60mm Mortice Lock.

Brushed Stainless Steel 60mm Mortise Lock Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T14-60 60mm Mortise Lock) compressed





Our T6 Double Cylinder or the T49 Single Euro Cylinder are suited for the Euro Plated Levers.

Satin Nickel Euro Cylinder Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T6 Euro Cylinder) compressedBlack OR Satin Nickel Door Hardware Locks Accessories (T49-Single Cylinder)

The T6 and the T49 Cylinder is the mechanism that works on the inside of the door for working the mortice lock to turn and latch. If you turn the key this will turn the thumb snib to lock. With the single cylinders and double barrel cylinders work fantastically with the mortice locks, when you turn it once it locks, turn it twice gives you added length out from the lock to give extra strength of security to your door frame.

If needing a Keyed Lever Set product the L7 mentioned previously is perfect as it includes the Combination set with a Deadbolt. Also, another Keyed choice is our L8 Freemantle Black Lever (Below are our passage and Privacy levers, Keyed Lever not shown)

Black Elegant Wavy Lever Door Handle Lever (L8-BL Freemantle)
But if you would like to have the added security also with a keyed Lever you can use our T28- Smart Lock which is a Deadbolt that is used with our T6 or T49. These Smart Locks can be place above or below your keyed Lever door handle on the door and we can powdercoat the escutcheon black.

Brushed Stainless Steel and Chrome Round Smart Lock Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T28 RD Round Smart Lock) compressed


Keyed Levers are economical alternative to use for a Front Door Handle than a Pull Handle offering that peace of mind and security needed for your front door.

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