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Article Written by Nadine

Who said handles and knobs should be used just for cabinets and doors?

Take in a creative flare to be inspired by these wonderful and fabulous ideas!  Perfect for all projects, big and small and these ideas are not always for the big kids.  Why not set out a plan to entertain the kids within the school holidays or weekend with their own awesome masterpiece.

As we all know handles and knobs come in all sizes, shapes, colours and materials, so why not choose your favourite piece and give it’s own stage to shine for a great talking piece!

Make your own conversation starter

Ideas from key holders to bottle tops, there’s always great ideas to be found, the ideas could be endless to what you do with these with little gems!


These 1/ K14- Starfish, 2/ K10 – Sun, 3/ K13- Snail, 4/ K9- Moon and 5/ K8- Bear perfect for little hands.  Putting them on top of a favourite box, toy box, wall for hats, coats or school bags.

Satin Nickel Novelty Knobs (K14- Starfish) (K10-Sun) (K13-Snail) (K9-Moon) (K8-Bear) Cabinet Knobs





(Click for kids room wall hanging ideas)

(Click for more kids room ideas)






These little novelty pieces add class to your favourite wooden drink tray and the knobs perfect for the tops of corks for your wine bottle to match.  Or why not glam that old curtain rod up with an end of these glittery treasures.

Our C94- Sheraton Crystal Handle and K50 Sheraton Crystal Knobs

Chrome with Glass Glass Knob Cabinet Knob (K50 CRY Sheraton Glass Knob)




(Click for Curtain rod idea)

(Click for Bottle top ideas)

(Click for Drink tray idea)

(Click for jewellery hanging idea)





Cant forget the Big Boys with their man sheds! These handles and knobs do have a work tool style about them, with these you can use the handle or ring pull to hang hand towels for easy excess and the knob for any novelty picture to hang off the wall creating a statement with the rest of the style.  These little beauties can uplift any bar, man cave or for a boys room. Here is our C91 Penrith Drop Handle, K62 Penrith Knob & K63 Penrith Drop Knob.


Antique Bronze Square Elegant Drop Handle Cabinet Handle (C91 Penrith Drop Handle)




(Click for key rack ideas)

(Click for novelty hanging ideas)

(Click for other hanging ideas)




Our T50- Fast Robe Hook not only used perfectly over your door for your dressing gowns for those chilly mornings they can be used in the garden shed or to hang pot plants.

Door Hardware T50


For the perfect idea to hang clothing in a wardrobe or above a laundry bench to drip dry delicate clothes, use our C3 Post & Rail Cabinet Handle, it comes in many sizes.

(Click for laundry idea)

Brushed Stainless Steel Thick Rail Tube Handle Cabinet Handle (C35 Tube)









If you have some awesome and wonderful ideas that you’ve created with any of our products we’d love to hear about them and would love photos so we can put in our photo gallery. You can email us at: [email protected]




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