Glamorous Gold.

Of all the styles, we have discussed up until now the one we haven’t talked about so far is Gold. I know, I know, when we think of Gold styling in the kitchen or bathroom or fittings around the house our imaginations are often cast to the thoughts of Playboy mansion or tacky 1980’s styling where anything shiny was thought to be the height of fashion and luxury. At Handle House, we are working on bringing about much happier thoughts when it comes to Gold styling with our existing range as well as some of the beautiful new designs we have available.

Gold Statement

Whether you opt for a shiny or burnished finish we have both, they are equally gorgeous when used under the right styling conditions. The shiny option has the brightness that catches the light accenting beautifully in bright areas and bringing the shine out in appliances and accessories in matching or contrasting hues. In days gone choices were limited when it came to accessories, be it blenders, kettles toasters or the kitchen sink, you were pretty much limited to either stainless steel or white. Thankfully now though we are spoilt for choice when it comes to options for hardware and appliances.


Generally, when it comes to subtly Gold wouldn’t be you first choice but we have a range of burnished gold handles available that are subtle yet stunning. They hold the warmth of the gold tones but are not overbearing if used in high volume or for spaces that you are not wanting the traditional “shine” of Gold. They work well with either light or darker palettes giving a rich elegant feel to the space they are used in.

Whether it is the bold statement of shiny Gold, or the understated elegance of the burnished finish, at Handle House once again we will be able to match the right handle to finish your project.

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