Hamptons Style Kitchen

Hamptons Style Kitchen

The biggest contender in style so far this year has been the Hamptons Style…who wouldn’t like a kitchen with character, charm and charisma? The Hamptons style can be created in a fashion of being a little or a lot! From Traditional shaker-style cabinets, white subway tiles, oversized pendant lights, wooden floors and a fresh use of light colours!

Pictured: C147 Hampton Cup Pulls and K80 Hampton Drop Pulls


Antique Silver or Matt Black Cup Pull Cabinet Handle (C147 64 Hampton)  Antique Silver or Matt Black Decorative Drop Knob Cabinet Knob (K80 Hampton)

A Buzz from being Traditional

The Hamptons Style is a casual, relaxed beach living style design…It’s the new Modern version of Traditional.  It’s done with sophistication, elegance and warmth. But choosing the perfect Traditional elements to shine through for a fabulous Hampton Style, is the use of Cabinetry Hardware. By simply featuring traditional style Knobs, Cup Pulls or Cabinet Handles help to tribute the Hampton Style look. The Cabinetry Hardware help play a big part in the overall completed look.

If you are on a budget, there is ways to incorporate elements allowing you achieve that Hampton Style look without breaking the bank. If you use Laminex instead a stone or wood-look for the bench tops, flat cabinets instead of shaker profiled doors, just remember to include the fundamental pieces like glass, wood or decorative traditional features to your lighting, backsplash, tap ware and definitely to the Cabinet handles or knobs…make a statement that is yours!

Here are some great tributes you could use for a Hamptons Style with the right Cabinetry hardware.

C149 – Traditional Cup Pull 

C135 – Ferngully Cabinet Handles

C159 – Nambour Cabinet HandlesC159-COP

C133- St George Cabinet Handles

Coastal Meets Hampton

A touch of Hamptons to create a modern Coastal Hamptons Style, the elegance and sophistication of the C126-Antique Silver Cabinet Handles and the K67 Oxford Knobs. Both have the unique traditional characteristics to complete the look giving it a soft, modern traditional charm.

C159 – Nambour Black Handle and K102 – Nambour Knob

C159 – Nambour Black Handle and K102 – Nambour Knob

However, you want your Hamptons Style Kitchen just to remember the littlest of features will help create and complete your overall look.

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