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Why Architects, Designers and Builders are choosing to use Handle House as their preferred Store?

Handle House & Things have been rated one of the Australia’s Top Handle, Knob and Hardware Sellers to date!  Supplying and providing to people all over Australia and overseas.  Handle house has been in business since 2005.  Over the years, experience and extensive knowledge have gained within the field of the changing trends and today’s door furniture.             

‘Making it easier…’

We initially wanted to take the guesswork out of marketing to architects, designers, builders and the public so we supplied elementary and fundamental products that would cater for everyone.  With knowledge and understanding of what people would want in their home, we choose high quality and functional products that would last.  Not only the quality but the finish and the intended purpose to have. We also make it so simple to put together.  For example, our High-Quality Levers and Entrance Pulls are so easy to install.

With our Levers being so easy to install, these are set to the metric use of the Australian Standard using 54mm holes.  Interior Designers, Architects and Builders love the fact that our levers suit this, meaning it is a quicker, easier and simpler process of putting together.   They have also been raving about the aspect of the levers having a larger back plate rose, as these have a unique tie- bolt system making these great to use on core hollow doors.  This allows the levers to evenly balanced force whilst giving added strength and durability to the door. 

Since the late of last year people have expressed, they love our extra Long Back Plated Lever Designs.  These suit all doors and again, when used it gives added strength to the core hollow doors, allowing the distributing force giving durability and longevity to the door.

‘Greater chance to match your décor…’

As we know people want products that are easy to harmonise with all décor.  So, finishes like of our High Quality Brushed Stainless is the most popular as this is a finish can be utilised throughout the home.  These are universal, modern and streamlined in its finish as they suit all designs, styles, décor, appliances and fixtures.  With the combination of our Entrance Pulls and Levers they are great to keep the same finish flow throughout the home.  

Being of Stainless Steel our Entrance Pulls and Levers are great for any Aussie home, business or workplace.  These can endure the elements and being of a High-Quality Stainless Steel, these can be maintained, polished and cleaned to give it durability and wear. 

‘Mix your Colours…’

We do offer an Extensive Range of High-Quality Matt Black and Satin White Powder Coated Hardware Products…from Cabinet handles, Entrance Handles to door hardware. Powder Coated on High Quality Brushed Stainless-Steel products gives a remarkable double protected layer making it a much more durable finish than any standard product.

‘Staying up-to-date…’

We try to improve and keep up to date with today’s trends, we choose products that we would love in our own homes, seeing the advantages of practicality, functionality, style, design and realism to everyday living.   

We have proven a great success in supplying the best quality and affordable products to customers and the feedback has been remarkable! 

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Handle House your preferred Door Furniture Store!

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