Don’t waste your time or money on mediocre handles…choose a handle that you really love and want to have around!  Handles and knobs are the grip to your cupboards and drawers…without them we’d be lost! WE NEED THEM!

The relationship between your handle and you, is you’ll need something that is dependable, good looking and functional to the way you need it to work.  Treat your handles and knobs like a partner… choose the right one for you!!

But don’t forget, for them to be around longer you will need to take good care of them too.   A bit of attentiveness with a simple clean now and then, will benefit for your future.

If you are looking for something in either of style, function, class, or size. Don’t just pick anything…choose what you love!

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Decorative – K90- Vaucluse Knob and Plate

Fancy and Intricate…Elegantly late-style dressed of flair and flamboyance. A charming antique design with attitude, it’s all in the detail for that heritage classy look.

Old World Charm – K64 – Royale Ring Pulls

If you are into the older style, these K64’s are classical with a button ring pull design. Simplistic in its function but style is definitely not past one’s prime.

Glamourous – K54- Glamour Knob

Class and sophistication… The style of this one is all about the flair and shine! Making a statement? These are not for the faint hearted as they like to be centre attention.

Slender – C79 – Mainz Cabinet Handles

Modern, sleek and comfortable…these bring an attention of simply straight forwardness. What you see is what you get! These come in all range of sizes to suit all your needs.

Slimline – C70- Narangba Cabinet Handles

Squared with a nice smooth edge…targeted for an updated look without being too much. Shows its meek side but upholding it’s sleekness for status.

Minimal – C178- Casey Cabinet Handles

Trouble free and modest…showing an easy -going look with an understated interest to a simple purpose.

Cute – K68- Bray Park Knobs

Cute as a button…Don’t let size fool you! Even though these may look small and petite, the function of these are mighty. These can help in so many ways and still look cute.

Sophisticated – C156 – Bondi Cabinet Handles

Elegant and robust…. Slightly detailed with a disguised self-assurance for great handling.

There’s so many great looking handles and knobs to suit everybody! Finding your perfect match is only what your heart is really telling you!

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