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Handles for a Cleaner Kitchen

Article Written By Nadine

Handles for a Cleaner Kitchen

When deciding either to renovate or add a new kitchen to your home some frequent questions you may ask are what materials will you require for your bench tops, cabinets and drawers. More importantly to set the style of your kitchen you will need to decide on type of kitchen handles whether they are pulls, nobs or a Handle less kitchen.  Before deciding you will Want to read this!

The Down fall of Handle Less Kitchens

Let’s firstly explain a true Handle less Kitchen…

This is where a rail runs continuously that sits behind the kitchen doors and drawer fronts that creates a space for you to grip so you can open them, usually on top.

For this way, there is no modifications that are needed once the doors and drawer fronts are in.  But the Con’s for this method is that for this project it requires specialised labour, meaning the installation of the rail has to be done all on site, this can be very expensive.

Also using the Handle less option overtime you will find it very unhygienic as food particles can be trapped on top and under the lip of the rail attracting bacteria the next time your hands come in contact with it. Not to mention hand slippage and for the ladies broken nails -ouch!

Also, it means there may be more fingers touching the cupboards leaving constant marks that have to be cleaned each time you open them. Forget opening doors with wet hands if don’t want to get unsightly drips on the cabinet doors.

Upside of Using Cabinet Handles

A much better option is to use conventional Kitchen Cabinet Handles which have a great deal more Pro’s than Cons than any other method used especially in terms of functionality and creating a personalised look in your kitchen.  Cabinet handles come in endless styles, exciting finishes and sizes.

Not only does kitchen handles provide your kitchen with that added bling to make it look elegant and stylish. It also provides protection to your kitchen cupboards and drawers, not to mention much more user friendly and keeping your doors always clean!

Most importantly handles protrude out away from the surface of face of kitchen cabinets and drawers, stopping those annoying extra finger prints, marks, drips and scratches.  The advantage is handles help to outweigh all that extra cleaning that you may have if you had handle less.

No One Wants Door Handle Bacteria!

But if you’re a germaphobe, why not consider upgrading to Copper handles. According to scientists Copper handles could help defeat antibiotic resistant super bugs.  They believe that the metal may smother the germs from breathing. It might also help to stop them feeding and destroying their DNA.  Copper also destroys germs such as the flu virus, E Coli food poisoning bug and other dangerous germs.  But like anything, cleaning regularly kills most bugs regardless of the handle composition.


Conclusively the benefits from having handles outweighs having a handle less kitchen as it saves you time wasted wiping down every cupboard and drawer daily.  Since the Handle is the only place that you grab there is less grubbiness and marks prevented on your cupboards, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Interesting fact:

Apparently rubbing Stainless Steel on your hands is good to stop odours. 
The Care for Stainless Steel

To clean stainless steel cabinet handles is ideal that you clean regularly with a stainless-steel cleaner like our Bi-Cleaner if there are tea-stains. But using filtered, clean water with a cleaning sponge and then wipe over with a dry cloth is the best way to care and maintain the high-quality finish of your handles.

The Care for Zinc Die Cast

It is recommended to clean the handles of any finishes like, either Antique Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper or Matt Black, Chrome, White etc with only luke warm soapy water and a soft, clean cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals as this may cause damage. Ideally best to be carried out at regular intervals (approx. every 2 months).

To get the best out of your handles show care to them.  You look after them, they’ll help maintain your kitchen longer, avoiding that extra jobs that nobody wants to do!

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