A Complete Guide to Hinges


There are different types of Hinges for many projects…but hinges for your home can really make a huge impact especially on how they function.  Whether it is for an exterior or interior door, cupboard, or window there is the perfect hinge for the job!

Hinges are the hardware used for outside doors, inside doors and other projects. You want these to be durable and strong especially if they are out in the elements.  Selecting the correct fitting hinge is important, plus these hinges have a major role in keeping your home safe from intruders. 

Exterior Door Hinges


The most common hinge to use on exterior doors is the Butt Hinge. These hinges compose of two identical leaves, which is the flat part of the hinge that is mortised or recessed into the door while the other leaf is screwed to the door jamb. The knuckle is the middle cylindrical part where the two leaves meet. The pin is the piece that slides into the knuckle keeping the leaves together.

When installed properly, the two leaves of a butt hinge should sit flush against each other.  This allows the door to sit perfectly flush with the jamb.

Hinge T21

Our Extra and Heavy-Duty Butt Hinges are made of high quality stainless steel that is are made for heavier doors.  This style hinge has ball bearings, which gives less friction and is highly tarnish resistant and provides smooth operation for years to come.  Ball bearing hinges are permanently lubricated which allows the door to glide open and close with ease.  These are suited for glass, wooden, steel, or fibreglass doors.

Our T21 – Extra Heavy-Duty Butt Hinges come in the size of 102 x 76mm.  T21’s is the most used type of hinges for external use.  They are great to use on a variety of applications.  Having 3mm thick leaves and a 14mm thick knuckle.

Our T45 – Handle House’s Heavy-Duty Butt Hinge has four ball bearings.  Exclusive to Handle House, it is the only hinge in Australia that has four bearings for its size.  T45 comes in the size of 100mm x 70mm with 2mm thick leaves.

Interior Door Hinges


Inside our homes there are so many other doors that allow us to access different rooms.  With some of our Hirline Hinges, they have ball bearings just like the Butt Hinges.  Hirline Hinges come in a range of different sizes and finishes. Unlike Butt Hinges, Hirline Hinges do not have to be recessed or mortised into the door or door jamb. So, tend to be quicker to install. Our Hirline hinges come in a various range of sizes for different applications.

Our T22 – Extra Heavy Duty Hirline Hinges are great hardware to use for internal doors.  Comes in 3mm thick hinge leaf 14mm thick knuckle.

Other Hirline Hinges


Lift Off hinges are required for toilet doors, where the space between the toilet and the door is less than 1200mm.  An inward swinging toilet door with lift-off hinges typically has a gap between the top of the door and the underside of the head of the door frame.  This allows the lift off hinge to be lifted off the pin to remove the door without opening the door.  

Our T31- Lift Off hinges that are universal, meaning they allow to suit left or right hand swinging doors.  Unlike some Lift Off hinges that must be specified left or right. 

Project Hinges

Other hinges that suit smaller projects like cupboards or projects needing smaller hinges are our T32- Small Stainless Steel Hirline Hinge. 

All our Hinges are available in either high quality brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, black or gold.

**Powder coated colour options are only available for our T21’s (please speak to our friendly staff for more information).**

So, if anyone needs advice on hinges…

Our door is always open.

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  1. I am after 3 hirline flat leaf non mortised WHITE or off WHITE hinges. 75 by 31 mm.
    Can you help?


    1. Hello Peter, thank you for your message and interest in our products. I have sent you an email directly. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, HH

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