How to add that wow factor to your house with the half-moon handles

WHY half-moon handles ARE THE NEW WAY TO GO

Whether you’re renovating, building, or redesigning your house choosing the right handles for your home can uniquely transform the entire space. Our new half-moon handles which seem to be taking the interior design world by storm are an excellent way to add personality and style while becoming the preferred choice of handles in the last few years. If your style is modern, contemporary, or architectural, we have a versatile range of finishes that will suit you and your space.


The only issue you’ll have when it comes to these handles is choosing what finish to have!

BLACK- If the words modern, sleek and bold stand out to you then adding K125 matt black into your space is just what you need to make your cabinetry stand out! Its authoritative finish pairs well with a lighter space adding a sense of depth and urbanity.

STAINLESS STEEL- Stainless has remained one of the most popular finishes for handles for years. So, it was only natural to create a half-moon handle in the stainless-steel material. Not only does it add a modern look to your space, but it lasts, for years!

BRASS- The bold, striking tones of our brass K125 are certainly having their time in the spotlight. With the brass finish becoming a popular choice for renovators, the attraction of adding touches of gold reflecting the feeling of luxury, style is what seems to be the appeal. The richness of the brass finish complements the European style beautifully. 


The stunning K151 half-moon handle captures the natural tones and exposed grains of the timber transforming any space, creating a calm, warm, and classic sense of feel. Choose between the rich walnut and a light white oak timber finish to enhance your space. Whether your style is mid-century, traditional, Scandinavian, or modern this handle will remain a timeless staple piece in your space.

E45- Half Moon Bay Entrance Handle

Lastly, you can’t have an entrance door without having an entrance handle that doesn’t scream WOW! The E45 will do just that. Between the matt black and the high quality brushed stainless steel this handle will transform the entrance of your house into a unique, modern, and architectural wonder.

You are in full control in deciding whether you want a handle or knob as these beautiful statement pieces can do both! Choose whether they are mounted horizontally or vertically to create a full moon effect or as the name suggests a half-moon effect. Not only are these handles an interior piece, but you can also turn these half handles into an entrance statement piece adding to the wow factor and value of your home. Unlike the traditional cup pulls these unique handles have a softer edge and modern appearance.

Get inspired, explore our half-moon collection now…

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