L3-Designer Square Stainless Steel Lever Handles

How to Choose Door Handles

The first step in choosing a set of door handles is to distinguish between lever or pull handles as described below:

Here is a simple guide to give you the basic knowledge and understanding of Door Handles

Lever Set Door Handles / Pull Handles

Lever Set Door Handles come in Dummy, Passage, Privacy or Keyed. Lever Door handles are where you push down on the lever to open the door. 

Entrance Pull Handles come back to back and usually a long bar handles. Pull Handles are where you push or pull the bar handle the door.

Steps to consider which door handle is right for your door.

  1. Consider what design style theme you are wanting for your external and internal look.
  2. For your front door consider whether you may need an extra locking security factor to your Pull Handles or Lever Door Handles. Like the use of double deadbolt or Smart Locks.
  3. Take into account the size of your door, making sure that the door handle is not too oversized on the door. Also consider door handles that will fit the door and if you may have a screen door in front. Make sure you know the projection, so it doesn’t protrude too far out.
  4. For your doors inside, take into consideration for the room the door leads to, e.g. if it’s for your wardrobe, laundry, toilet, bathroom or bedroom etc.
  5. What function do you need for your door? Consider if you may need a dummy set, passage set, privacy set or Keyed Set. Click here for more information on the different functions for levers.
  6. The type of material for your door handles will depend on the environment you live in. If you live by the seaside or need a door handle that can handle all the elements, consider stainless steel. Zinc Die-Cast door handles are suitable for inside only.
  7. Choose a finish that will complement your surroundings; i.e. Black, white, satin nickel or stainless steel. Some of our Pull handles can be powder coated as well as our roses to our lever door handles. Do you want to match your door hardware to your cabinet hardware or fixtures? Insure you have this in mind.
  8. Complete the overall look with added door accessories; like our door stops, flush bolts, cabin hooks or hinges.
  9. Choose who will install your door handles and accessories, whether it maybe you or a professional installer. All our Door Handles come with instructions.
  10. Be mindful of how you will use the door handles, consider the comfortability, practicality and the function. Whether it may be for the elderly, disabled or children.

Choose a Door handle that will improve your life with ease. So, choose a Door handle wisely that will do you and your home proud.

We do like to have the right balance; our superior customer service, high quality products at affordable prices. At the end of the day, quality overcomes the price for a much better, longer-lasting experience. Choose your perfect door handles to complete your home.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose Door Handles

  1. Good evening, I live in Glenview, and have 3xbedroom, 1x. Bathroom 1xtoilet round door handles and looking to have them changed over to lever type handles, do you have a supply and fit service please,if so we could come in and purchase door handles and organise a time ti fit them, thank you. Trevor Lowe

    1. Hello Trevor,
      Thank you for your message and interest in our handles. Come to our sunshine coast store and we can help you with selecting door handles and suggest a fitting service.
      If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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