Ideal Way to Clean & Disinfect your Handles – COVID-19

Ideal Way to Clean & Disinfect your Handles – COVID-19

There is a lot of information out there to help prevent us from spreading the COVID-19 virus. But when it comes to cleaning handles it is important to stay safe.

Here at Handle House, we have always had good cleaning health & hygiene measures in place. We like to ensure our clients of their well-being and safety is important, and it is paramount as much as it is to our team members.

In general, we use our kitchen and bathroom handles often and touching door handles regularly. It is important to maintain good upkeep, cleaning practices to maintain and help stop the spread of viruses. Here are some simples measures you can do at home, work or office.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

There are a lot of different types of materials used in different handles, it’s best to find out what they are made of before you proceed to clean. You will need the manufacturer’s instructions to proceed (if under warranty) to maintain the product. Click below for all maintenance and Care to our different materials.



Polished Aluminium Silver Autumn Tree Décor (T65 Silver Autumn Tree) adj
T65 – Silver Autumn Tree

Aluminium products, all handles including, knobs and door handles should be cleaned frequently. Using a neutral cleaning agent like a detergent solution (as per instructions) can be used followed by wiping clean with clean warm water. Dry with a soft cloth and then a disinfectant aerosol spray (like Glen 20) or wipe can be used to ensure any spread of the virus.


C188 – Bellevue Cabinet Handles & K118 Knobs

Brass being of high quality should be cleaned with clean warm filtered water and a soft cloth. Ensure to dry with a soft cloth, after drying you can use a disinfectant spray or wipe in the cleaning process.

Stainless Steel

L3- Designer Door Handles Square with T28

Stainles Steel handles it is recommended to use filtered, clean water with the cleaning sponge and then wipe over with a dry cloth. Once this has been cleaned you can spray a disinfectant aerosol spray.

Powder Coated Handles

Powder Coated handles are the most durable and is easiest to clean. Maintain a good healthy practice in cleaning all handles and its surfaces. Wiping with a mild warm soapy water, clean with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Once this has been done you can spray a disinfectant aerosol spray or use a disinfectant wipe.

Zinc Die-Cast

Satin Nickel, Chrome, Black, Matt White, Matt Gold, Gold or Gunmetal Grey Square with Rounded Edges Handle Cabinet Handle (C70 Narangba Handles)
C70- Narangba Cabinet Handles

Zinc Die-Cast is the most common of materials used. These are easy to clean by simply following the guidelines of cleaning with warm soapy water. Follow by cleaning with clean water and wipe over. Dry with a soft cloth and a disinfectant aerosol spray or a wipe can be used.

With these simple procedures you can help and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. It’s one preventable measure we all can take to eliminate the spread. For the latest advice, information and resources, go to

Your health is important!

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