Introducing our bespoke Timber Handles and Knobs


Our new timber collection has just arrived, available in natural white oak and lush walnut. Our timber handles and knobs will transform any space creating elegance and appeal. The natural tones of the timber welcomes uniqueness crafting hints of warmth while remaining remarkably versatile.

This everlasting collection will create a natural element of earthy undertones forming individuality and charm. The beauty of timber is the varying features of natural grains, tones, and organic form. Capturing the true wonder of timber and embracing the radiance of visual glow and texture.


Hand-crafted and designed with a Mid-century modern impression this range will add a scene of charm completely revamping any space. Mid-century modern focuses on clean lines with a mixture of both organic forms and geometric shapes. Introducing new and old material with joint exploration of traditional with non-traditional and connecting intended function and purpose. The special thing about mid-century modern is that no matter how much time it passes, the style will remain timeless withstanding all trends. The design of each handle and knob features unique minimalistic shapes and elements for additional interest reflecting the Mid-century modern style.

Modern Scandinavian interior designs are symbolised by the use of natural elements, clean lines, functionality, and understated elegance. Inspired by the minimalistic movement of neutral tones and minimal interior. The modern Scandinavian interior uses a lot of timber for its natural tones and raw grains. Becoming the perfect addition to any home that wants a rustic touch to balance out the minimalist feel of modern and neutral materials. Focusing on functionalism and simplicity influenced by the connection to nature, organic shapes, and natural elements. Overall, timber is versatile and perfect for different styles that give the room the natural feel and a lasting impression that will never date into the future.


Our timber cabinet handle collection is a curated mix of unique and contemporary designs. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and two stunning finishes of rich Walnut and neutral White Oak. Our timber range will add elegance and warmth to your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, or furniture. Stylish and functional the new timber handles are the perfect natural accent forming a sense of nostalgia and texture.
Our timber knobs will make a unique impression adding a sense of style and visual interest. Crafting a stylish accent and functional design, this timber knob collection is perfect for adding a natural glow to your space.

The breath-taking timber collection is contemporary and innovative while remaining effortlessly functional. ⁠⁠⁠The timber cabinetry handles, and knobs will form a sense of class elevating the atmosphere of your space to extreme new levels. ⁠

Get inspired, explore our timber range now…

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