Jewellery for your cabinetry

Jewellery for your cabinetry.

Handle House’s latest released set of handles is the C147-“Hampton” is like a fine pieces of jewellery.  With its decorative and intricate design these antique silver handles will brighten up any of your furniture pieces or kitchen and vanities. The handles range comes in three different matching pieces. The first choice is a bangle like handles that comes in three different sizes 96mm, 128mm and 160mm centre to centre screw holes, the second a crown like cup pull with 64mm centres and the final style being an earring drop solid knob. This handles family works well together to suit different applications throughout your house but if you have your eye on one particular shape or style these will look great solely on their own.


Antique Silver Decorative Bow or Cup Pull Cabinet Handle (C147 Hampton) (600 x 400)
















Antique Silver or Matt Black Cup Pull Cabinet Handle (C147 64 Hampton)C147-64 (Cup)




Antique Silver Decorative Drop Knob Cabinet Knob (K80 Hampton ) (600 x 400)









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