Our Complete Guide to Keyed Handles

Keyed Handles

Put simply a Keyed Handle is a handle that needs to be locked with a key.  Keyed door lever handles are best used in exterior doors. It goes without saying that Keyed Handles provide a locking function to add additional security features to a door. Once locked a door with a keyed handle cannot be opened easily with out the key.

Some keyed lever door handle sets have an unlocking function where it can be opened from the inside by a thumb turn or key.  This allows you to exit quickly, conveniently and return inside easily.

You may also use these keyed lever door handles for doors to interior rooms that require a little more security, such as an office or garage.


When purchasing a keyed handle through Handle House we usually include 3x sets of keys with your handle. Make sure to keep your spare keys safe, however in the rare case that you lose all 3 keys a Locksmith will be able to create a new key for you.

Installation of keyed handles

Installation of a keyed handle is more advanced than most other types of handles. For this reason we recommend that keyed handles are installed by an experienced professional (Handyman, Builder, Carpenter etc).

Other considerations

Our handles are made to suit standard Australian doors with a 54mm hole on the face of the door for installation – our experience has shown that this is the preferred size for builders.

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