Matching Tapeware

Matching Hardware to Tapware

Article Written By Nadine

Are you trying to match handles with your tapware?

Here are some simple steps to make your kitchen, bathroom or laundry flow flawlessly.

There’s always so much to think of when you are either renovating or just simply building a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry for you to feel confident of your choices here are some guidelines to fulfil the look you are after.  Once you have chosen the colour of tapware and the kitchen sink here are some guided steps to get the right hardware to suit your tapware…there are some practical ways to making sure that your spaces visually flow seamlessly with style and design.

  1. Budget

Firstly, you need a budget, sticking to a budget is sometimes not easy but you should at least have an idea of a price range to stay in guide with.

  1. Overall look (Style or Theme) –

Have a style or theme that you are leading to. i.e. Is it Transitional, Traditional, Modern, Retro, Country, Coastal/Hamptons, etc.  This will help drop the range of handles to various categories making the choice manageable.

  1. Design –

The design is in partly with your Overall style or theme you are going with throughout your space. Using handles and knobs that have different shapes, characteristics and embellished designs choose a handle/knob that will suit your space.

Choose a handle that will complement the style you are going Modern, Traditional etc. There are so many style handles to suit the look, feel and mood within a space.  But always choose a handle or knob that feels comfortable in the hand as you will use it daily.

  1. Colour –

Satin Nickel, Black, Gold, Matt Antique Silver, Rose Gold, Matt Gold, Matt White, Polished Nickel, Gunmetal Grey, Antique Silver, Hammered Black OR Hammered Gold (K17 Round Knob)

Colour is a considerable importance as this is the main feature of colour you’ll see popping on your cabinets and drawers.  You will need to get as close to the colour of your tapware without being an eye sore.

So, if the tapware is Chrome stay within the Chrome or Silvers to compliment.  But in exception you can go Antique Silver if your tapware that is Black as the Antique Silver has an undertone of darker silver that contrasts well with either silver or black.

Stainless Steel handles can be powder coated to any colour desired and to suit.

Choosing from the new colours that are introduced into today’s tapware, like Rose Gold, Bronze and Cooper are popular, we have handles to match all metals.

Choose a handle that will flow seamless throughout, without too much disparity as too many colours can make a small space busy.  Choose a handle that personally suits you.

5.  Size

This is sometimes tricky as if you are only replacing old handles or knobs you are limited to the size without doing any further work to use either larger or smaller handles or knobs.  So, sticking to pre-existing holes is much more economical.

But with a new kitchen the sizes are endless, only to the fact the size of your cabinets will allow them.  Sometimes talking to your Kitchen Cabinetries (if you are building with), they have a great understanding of composition to help balance out the size handles/or knobs to the cabinets measurements to give a symmetrical and balanced appearance.  Choosing smaller or larger handles is also a personal preference.

  In this photo is our C126-Antique Silver with organic tapware

Hope with these guidelines you will be at ease, knowing you have the confidence in selecting and choosing your own perfect handles or knobs.  In combination you will give tribute to your tapware, helping your overall project the style and design of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry that will give you the satisfaction a job well done.

Have fun and Good Luck!

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