Metals – Cabinetry Hardware that Sets the Tone

Metals – Cabinetry Hardware that Sets the Tone

Why go choosing cabinetry hardware that look like everyone else’s? Why not break out of the ordinary and be different…make your own statement! Have handles, cup pulls, flush pulls or knobs to help compliment your style in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

By simply refreshing a look of your rooms with new cabinet handles or knobs, by making that minor change in your cabinet hardware you can make a massive difference in the look of your style and design.

Also, it is really an inexpensive way to revitalise your kitchen, bathroom or laundry again. Adding style, charm and a flair of originality to your cabinets with unique hardware choices can help complement the existing style of your kitchen.

Using different finishes of metals throughout your home can help you inspire a unique style that is beyond your thoughts without breaking the bank!

A Home for Chrome

C170 – Bothwell Chrome Cabinet Handle has a wide D shaped foot and a great profile middle for a fantastic grip. C100- Labrador Chrome Cabinet Handles a beautiful and elegant double square bar bow Handle.

Using chrome cabinet hardware, the style cabinet handles you use throughout your home should add a bit of your personality. Whether your style may be into the Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional or Eclectic. It should undoubtedly get noticed by all who comes to visit. Chrome is undeniably a popular choice as it is an amenable finish that benefits to enhance other fixtures as well.

Other Chrome inspiring handles and knobs

Prosper with Copper

C159 – Nambour Copper Handle with a matching K102 – Knob. C149- Traditional Cup Pull Copper an attractive Traditional Cup Pull that highlights any cabinetry.

It’s the little things that also help add value to your home. Hardware is a great little investment just to upgrade or finish a look! Using Copper handles or cup pulls add an intense style of design. Being a luxe metal, it is greatly used in a range of styles; i.e. Styles in the era of Traditional, Steam Punk and Victorian. They have a sense of appeal and charm to them. Placing them with certain colours, lighting and other fixtures, simple hardware will help characterise the final look.

Other Copper inspiring handles and knobs

Unique bonds with Matt Antique Bronze

C138- Maleny Matt Antique Bronze Handle is a stylish round handle in a traditional style. It comes with a matching K73- Maleny a Decorative Round Antique Knob. K88- Matt Antique Bronze Windsor Knob comes with round Knob and Fancy Plate.

Add a rustic look to your  kitchen with Antique Bronze handles, knobs or pulls. These are perfect for an artistic style and are suitable for a wide range of cabinet styles.

Other Antique Bronze inspiring handles and knobs

Consider Antique Silver

C126- Vintage Antique Silver Cabinet Handles Vintage style cabinet handle ideal for any modern traditional kitchen (Hamptons Style) or furniture piece. K53- AS Vintage Knob Antique Silver Vintage T Bar Knob. Another great combination is our C147- Hampton Cup Pull matching K80- Hampton Drop Knob and C147- Hampton Antique Silver Cabinet Handle.

If you want to upgrade your cabinet hardware with a classical look, or if you want to give a piece of furniture a modern twist, Antique Silver finish comes in a wide variety of handles, cup pulls and knobs to match any design styles. All our products come with standard installation hardware for your convenience. You get the fun part of installing them! 

Other Ornate inspiring handles and knobs

It’s Official its Satin Nickel

C171 – Nedlands Satin Nickel Cabinet Handle a modern flair square Handle with tapered legs. K108 – Nedlands Knob an uncomplicated design to complement the matching handle. C6- Darwin Cabinet Handles Satin Nickel well-designed curved rail handle with a modern slender look.

The Satin Nickel is a brushed silver finish that can complement any décor style. Satin Nickel is close finish to a stainless-steel look without the added cost. Satin Nickel has been used as far back as the Victorian era and now has become popular of today’s Mid-Century Modern designs.

Other Satin Nickel inspiring handles and knobs

The appeal of Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for a contemporary sleek and meek look, these smooth C79- Mainz Cabinet Handles are at a High Quality Stainless-Steel that will give you exactly that.  A fabulous modern square handle with a comfortable round back for a great grip. Available in Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel. 

For an architectural look, our K60- Chermside High Quality Stainless Steel (Polished or Brushed) Square Cube Knobs are a fantastic way to make an impact of a modern tempo design. Incorporating elements of stainless steel gives a simple aesthetics feel.  Also they are a perfect counterpart to accent the Square modern look of the C79 handles.

Other Stainless-Steel handles and knobs

Tell-tale with a Rail

Rail handles comes in variety of styles; from traditional to modern. So, when creating your tell-tale style story, whether it is a traditional or modern style design, you should incorporate the little things that brings that charm and sophistication to your kitchen or space.
Whether using a traditional decorative rail handle like our C172 – C173 Kyvalley Cabinet Handle. This handle has a unique characteristic that display old world charm and elegance.

Or if you would to create a sleek contemporary look our C35- Post and Rail Cabinet Handles are a fabulous introduction. They are a High Quality Brushed Stainless Steel a T-Bar rail handle with comfortable rounded grip that can be powder coated to various of colours to suit your home.

Other modern contemporary inspiring handles

Combination Acclamation!

Why not Mix your metals?

Using unique styles, you can mix and create a visual uniqueness that allows you to complement various aspects of your kitchen scheme. For example, coloured finishes from the cabinetry hardware to accent a colour from your backsplash or bench top, or stainless-steel handles can match well with the finish of your stainless-steel appliances and tapware.

The designs and choices are endless! It is like piecing an artwork together to balance it out right, all you need is to have a vision what you would like to create. You can choose distinct types of handles and knobs for a personal eclectic look!

You can use Cup Pulls with knobs, handles and knobs or just different knobs or different handles on their own. When it comes to dressing your home with cabinetry hardware, it may not always be about being in the norm it can be a very personal one.

A change in the hardware can make a substantial difference to the look of a space in a kitchen, laundry, bathroom or any other living space. By changing the details, a little to a design like using cup pulls in a Satin nickel finish on the drawer fronts and an ornate Matt Antique Sliver in the knobs on the bathroom cupboards you can get a transitional look with a definite Coastal vibe.

Whatever your style, Handle House have all sorts of hardware to suit all styles of the home.

‘To set the tone…why not use Metal tones of Hardware on your Cabinets !’

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