Matt Black there is no going back.

The New after sought popular Trend look ‘Matt Black there is no going back.’

Article Written by Nadine

The new look Matte Black has proven to be the new preferred choice for homemakers, architects, designers and builders.  It’s becoming the new look within most standard homes, having a massive impact on the modern century style of living.

With massively enthusiasm ‘Matte Black’ has taken hold with today’s look from bathroom accessories, lighting, furniture details and now to household hardware features.  Kitchens now have been the exceptional talk!  You can now have the upmost high level of finishes that is consistent throughout a home maintaining and creating the impact within your home that you want to showcase off to your visitors.

Door handles and knobs are features that were thought to be an unnecessary expense and were the least feature that people pay attention to. But like a picture these little characteristics now carry a big influence on the success of an overall interior.



L7 Newcastle Black Lever

L7 – Black Newcastle Lever


By setting moods and a tone within a room, the simplest of features can display a preview of what’s to come next. Having an old or outdated door hardware could be highly noticeable and create a negative impact within an area or space of a room. By replacing the simplest of door hardware it’s the most cost effective way to spruce up, bring excitement and creativity within a home while giving it all a new modernised feel and look to any living rooms.

‘Matte Black’ is a fantastic way to make a bold, elegant and sophisticated statement within a space. Also Matte Black is not restricted to compliment other interior materials, it can be beautifully paired with materials such as timbers, copper, marble, brass or stainless steel… Matte Black is timeless.


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