Now for something a little bit different…!

‘It’s Hammered time!’

Are you looking for something that is a little bit different from the everyday choices from your cabinetry hardware!  Well, look no further these delights just may be your answer!

Introducing our Newest and Beauteous additions! 

Our C179- Kingston Cabinet Handles, C86- Franston Cabinet Handles and our K17 – Mushroom Knobs to match in fabulous Hammered Black or Hammered Gold!

These come in a fabulous Hammered Finish of Black or Gold.  This finish is a special finish that is of a decorative hammered appearance.  The metal has a subtle surface hammered effect with a metallic fleck texture.

Delicately mottled, this hammered metal is not just for a rustic, industrial or for a historical look.  This can also really set the tone for any space giving a minimalist and contemporary style look and feel.

Let this amazing finish of your cabinetry Hardware become the focal point of your room.  Great to complement a variety of designs styles.   Let your personality of your cabinetry do the talking, showcase the newest look and the be envy of the street! 

Don’t be like everyone else…be daring, be different, be Distinctive from the rest!

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