Oversized Entrance Door Pull Handles

Oversized Entrance Door Pull Handles

One of the most new architecture trends is using Oversized Entrance Door Pull Handles on front doors.  Many Australian designers, builders, and architects are indubitably using oversized Handles in some of the finest residential and commercial projects and homes.  

At Handle House we stock various of architectural Oversized Entrance Door Pull Handles for many doors. Using oversized door pull handles can really make an impact statement to any door. 

Our Door Entrance Pulls Handles are constructed from High Quality 304 and 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel making them perfect to withstand the harsh elements of Australian weather and seaside living. These can also be powder coated to a preferred choice of colour.

Longer in Length

Compared to typical standard sized door handles, oversized door handles are significantly longer.  Oversized door handles essentially means that the door handles tend to be extended from the top down to the bottom of the door.  Giving an appearance of added height to a door.

Using Oversized door handles have been popular for the intention as it gives a door a contemporary, architectural element design feature.  The oversized door handles are a fashionable way to add an overall modern aesthetic look and feel. 

Shape Styles

There are so many shapes for an oversized door handle that can cater to various of applications, needs and styles. They come either semi circled, disc-shaped, tubular, squared, slim lined, curved or wavy. It really depends on the visual look you are trying to achieve. 

Semi circled and circle shaped

Using large semi-circled or circle shaped handles can really give an eye-catching statement for a smooth, cool and stylish modern design to your door.  When using large semi circles on double doors, this creates a funky circle formation for an architectural visual impact.   Semi-circle and circle shaped door pull handles are suitable for commercial and residential environments.


Tubular bar handles can give a clean straight line feel for a classic contemporary style. Giving it a modern sophisticated touch to any entrance. A modern Round Tubular Offset Entrance Pull handle allows helping with today’s challenges of forward-thinking in handle solutions. 

Tubular Bar Handles depicts a deception of looking longer with the bars that overhang.  For a great example, when you have a wooden door, simply adding an oversized handle will add to its overall aesthetic quality.  Plus Point it has a good grasp when held in the hands.

Squared and slim lined

Long, squared and slim-lined, whether it may be offset or just simply a squared straight bar it can be a great architectural modern feature.  Giving a door a professional and harmonised look and feel. 

We also have Oversized Wooden Door Pull handles which can be customised to length. Using wooden handles on wooden doors can give contrast to balance and harmony for a natural organic look.  Using wooden door handles can really set your entrance apart from the rest. 

Curved or Wavy

Using long curvy or wavy door handles can benefit a look to create a smooth flow and character. Smooth tapered bow handles look great and create a function that is pleasing to the eye. Curved or wavy door handles create softness and harmonious feel to a door.

Oversized Handles, Great on All Doors!

Oversized front entrance door handles are suitable for use on timber doors, metal doors and glass doors. The impact of an oversized front door handle can differ depending on the material, shape, and size. They are commonly used on hinged doors, pivot doors and sliding doors. Making them a preferred professional’s choice. Also for reason that they provide a contemporary and stylish appearance.  

Used on wooden doors can give an attractive well-balanced modern look.  Glass doors can give a bold, transparent but elegant playful appearance.  Whereas on Metal it can give a fantastic industrial contemporary look and feel.

By placing a modern oversized door handle on a plain-looking door, it can make your entrance stand out with a subtle but most striking appearance.

Complement the Style

If you are looking into either a residential or commercial entry door, choose door handles that cater to your desired look. First impressions count, so complement the style you want to attain and let door handles be at the centre point of attention to your entry.

‘Oversize your plans to use Oversized Door Entrance Pull Handles’

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