Perfect Complements of a Cabinet Handle

Perfect Complements of a Cabinet Handle

Article Written by Nadine

Round of applause for one of the best inventions….a Handle!

How great is the functionality of a handle that customs in the world!  But out of all the essential hardware in your kitchen, laundry or bathrooms, cabinet handles are by far the easiest and cleverest with design and purpose.  They are the glint and gleam with the purposefulness and the often least expensive item to replace in your kitchen.  At Handle House, we have plenty of options to choose from, so pick handles that you love and that are practical for how you work within your spaces in your home.  Whether it’ll be Cup pulls or cabinet handles there’s always something for everyone.



Antique Silver Antique Handle Cabinet Handle (C126 AS Vintage) C126- Vintage Cabinet Handle Antique Silver



Antique Silver or Matt Black Cup Pull Cabinet Handle (C147 64 Hampton) C147-Hampton Cup Pull Antique Silver

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