Perfect Complements of a Knob

Perfect Complements of A Knob

It’s all about the finer details, knobs are no extra!

By just changing the simplest of details like knobs can transform a space, spruce up an old piece furniture or give detail to dull cabinetry. Which is why knobs even as small they can come in they are big enough to help tie and polish together a feel within a space with the added functionally.

Knobs are like jewellery for your kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and furniture.  When you have chosen the right knob, they can be that perfect complement to any drawer or cupboard.  They can make a whole space appear collectively together and in balance with added handles or levers.  Giving it a Wow factor, a statement into your world, a simple or sophisticated knob give your guests a slight anticipation of what’s hidden behind.

Knobs come in all shapes, colours and sizes to round to ring pulls.

The simplest of details can give your place a unique feel with personality.  You can use knobs in so many great innovative ideas, for example use them as hanging hand towels on, jewellery or keys the ideas can be endless!


Gold knobs

While they are inexpensive to the real Gold, they still have the class and sophistication and still look a million dollars!  On a palette of a plain white kitchen they can bring warmth with sophistication, charm and balance.

K19 – Tasmania Knob                                                          K20- Raised Disc Knobs

Black OR Matt Gold Decorative Knob Cabinet Knob (K19 Tasmania)Gold Round Knob Cabinet Knob (K20 Raised Disc)


Silver Knobs

There are so many silver finishes, from brushed and polished stainless steel, Satin Nickel, Antique Silver to Chrome.  The colours are boundless and don’t to mention the unique styles! Traditional, contemporary, country, Chic and Vintage are some of the few.  A simple round Satin Knob enhancing your traditional kitchen with matching finished handles will complete the overall look.

K22- Rockhampton Knobs                                             K43- Geraldton Knobs                                                           K51- Childers Pearl Knobs

Antique Bronze Nickel Speckled Round Knob Cabinet Knob (K22 Rockhampton)Chrome Square Knob Cabinet Knob (K43 Geraldton)Pearl Round Knob Cabinet Knob (K51 Childers)



Copper and Brass Knobs                                                                                       

These little pieces are great for that Vintage and Industrial look.  The Vintage steam punk theme is perfect to mix knobs of Copper, brass and black.  For a modern industrialised theme, you can mix pieces of Copper and Chrome knobs throughout.

K84- Bathurst Square Knob

Copper Square Knob Cabinet Knob (K84 Bathurst Square Knob) (600 x 419)

Glass Knobs

Glass knobs are a whimsical item that is classy but a fun modern look.  As these knobs are available in many finishes and styles. They can dress up for a Retro theme when you use them as a contrast against funky coloured drawers and cabinets. You can use them for a beach theme on distressed cabinets for a coastal feel. Glass knobs give that extra added bling to help bring out the cabinets, great to enhance a boring, tired bedside table.  But they are just there to add that extra bling on almost everything!

K57- Royal / Glass Design Knob                 K50- Sheraton / Glass design Knobs

Chrome Glass Design with Chrome surround Cabinet Knob (K57 Royal Knob)Chrome with Glass Glass Knob Cabinet Knob (K50 CRY Sheraton Glass Knob)



Novelty Knobs

Every kid needs some fun and quirkiness in their room and that’s included the big kids too!  These little fun pieces can make a personality statement.  Great for freshen up old tall boys, bedside tables, desks or even for coat holders on a wall.  On top of toy boxes, they give a whimsical, fun and functional use.  They add character and complete a theme that you may have in a room.  The ideas are endless with these fun pieces.

Satin Nickel Novelty Knobs (K14- Starfish) (K10-Sun) (K13-Snail) (K9-Moon) (K8-Bear) Cabinet Knobs


Coloured Knobs

Are all those other knobs in between, either brightly coloured, coloured ceramic base, powder coated knobs to colours of your choice, black and white.  These are great to colour block on furniture, cabinets, drawers and decor.  Use colours contrasting solid coloured cabinets or drawers, typically used with bright colours.

K81- Country Style White Cracked Knob               K78- Byron Bay Coffee Knob

White Cracked Oval OR Round Ceramic Knob Cabinet Knob (K81 Country Style)Coffee Decorative Square Cabinet Knob (K78 Byron Bay Knob) (600 x 400)

Ring Pulls & Drop Pulls

They may not look like the usual knob but they have the same functionality but are more creative and useful.  Ring pulls and Drop pulls come in all sorts of finishes, styles and sizes.  Best see which suits and feels best as in the functionality against your drawers, cabinets or furniture. These are usually to give a Vintage/traditional look, great on updating old boxes, drawers and other furniture.

K64- Royale Ring Pull Matt Gold                 K28- Shepparton Knobs

Matt Gold Decorative with Ring Pull Cabinet Knob (K64-MattGD Royale Ring Pull)Antique Black Nickel Decorative Teardrop Knob Cabinet Knob (K28 Shepparton)









Knobs with Backplates

These are a bit extra special as they come in a two-part component that consists of a backpiece that is attached to the knob normally in the centre of it. As these knobs are often more decorative in design, with backplates added they tend to be more of a Victorian style but can also be used in a Gothic or Mediterranean theme

K90- Matt Antique Copper Vaucluse Knob and Plate

Matt Antique Copper Round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob (K90-MattAC)


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