Powder Coat your Handles for an Impressive Statement!

Are you Looking for Something a Bit Different? Check out our exclusive powder coating range now available in matt black.

Here at Handle House we offer an extensive range of high quality Matt Black Powder Coated Handles. This covers everything from Kitchen & Cabinet Handles, Entrance Doors all the way to Hardware. Our powder coating process can be done on all of our high quality brushed stainless steel products and gives a remarkable double protected layer resulting in a more durable finish than other standard finishes.

Why Powder Coat?

Powder coated handles result in a Sleek, Bold and sophisticated / modernised look.

The Matt Black finish creates a bold, modern, and contemporary design, offering solid clean lines for a sophisticated architectural look.  We have products that can be powder coated to the highest Quality to give you any desired aspect.

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Powder coated barn door handles

This picture demonstrates our E35- New Mercury Matt Black Entrance Pull Handles which are a great choice for Front Doors, Barn Doors or any door that needs to make a statement! These handles have been completed with a powder-coated matt black finish.

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E35-600 BLMatt Black Square Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E35 BL New Mercury)

Be Inspired for something New…

Black Extra Heavy Duty Hirline Hinges Door Hardware Hinges (T22 Black Extra Heavy Duty Hirline Hinges)
Matt Black Hinges

Matt Black handles can be married up with our other Matt Black Hardware, giving you a continuous flow throughout your home. For example our T22- Black Extra Heavy Duty Hirline Hinge can be used to compliment any other Matt Black handles you have chosen to use.

If you need any further information on any of our products or about Powder Coating process for handles and hardware, please speak to one of our staff here at Handle House.

Powder Coat your handles for an Impressive Statement!

3 thoughts on “Powder Coat your Handles for an Impressive Statement!

  1. Wanting a quote for brushed chrome square C shape handles approximately 170mm by 12mm thickness to go Matt black, please.

    1. Dear Elizabeth

      What products were you interested in? Just tell us which ones and we will happily send you through a quote.

      Kind Regards

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